My friend drinks a bottle of wine a night.................

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how many nights per week is it safe to drink a bottle of wine?

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  1. Now don't get me wrong I can enjoy a bottle of wine at the weekends, white LOL red is better I know but it gives me a headache LOL but my friend is drinking a bottle almost every night. Am I being paranoid or is this really asking for trouble?
    How many nights do you think it s acceptable to drink a bottle of wine?
    For me no more than two nights in the week, am I paranoid?
    I tell her it is not good for her health but she won't listen, says she needs it to sleep!!!!!
  2. I can tell you if she is drinking a full bottle each night she is in trouble. There are many people with alcohol problems who function well during the day but drink a lot in the evening when they get home.
  3. ITA but cannot get through to her, she thinks it is harmless as it is wine & not spirits :cursing:
  4. I don't drink alcohol unless I'm at a social gathering. Personally I think drinking a whole bottle of wine per night is just crazy and borderline alcoholic. For me, a bottle of wine every few months is ok, but then I read somewhere that states 2 glasses of wine per month is actually healthy for you or something.
  5. That is one of the typical excuses people who either are alcoholics or are on their way to becomming alco use. Either way, you won't get her to quit and if you push it is likely she will drop you like a hot potato. It is a really awful situation.
  6. Yip to me it is crazy! I know there is medical thought that a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart but just a glass i believe not a bottle!
  7. I don't drink wine, so I don't know. How many glasses are normally in a bottle of wine?

    Red wine is good for your heart, but you shouldn't drink so much that you run the risk of getting cirrhosis.

    Does she get really drunk after drinking that wine?
  8. Yeah, rehab sounds good to me.
  9. I know that & I am trying to take it gently with her! She thinks she doesn't have a problem as she can quit at one bottle!
  10. My parents have one, maybe a half a bottle of wine between them, and I think they only do that on weekends.
  11. Do what Lynette on Desperate Housewives did when Bree didn't think she had a drinking problem: gather up all of her empties during the course of one or two weeks and line them up infront of her.
  12. Well what fills a glass may not be what medical opinion considers a unit. I have seen on a bottle tht there are over 8 units in one bottle so that is a lot multiplied by 7!
    She never gets drunk as in falling about the place just gets into better form, she has a lot of problems so I guess that alcohol blots them out!
    I am really worried about her!
  13. OMG I remember that episode LOL I think she would hate me if I did that!
  14. Don't push her into rehab, just do that to show her the amount of wine she's drinking is a lot.
  15. That should do the trick! :roflmfao: