My friend can't decide.


Dec 27, 2005
My friend's husband said he would buy her a new LV when he is away on business this weekend. She can't decide between these two.
The small lockit monogram bag. I just ordered one for myself but will not get until next week so she can't see it in person.
The other bag is the Azur 30 speedy. She already has the speedy in monogram and likes it.

I am at loss of what to tell her since I have a monogram speedy 30 and love it sometimes and hate it other times and don't use it for months.
Of course since I ordered the lockit I think that bag is perfect but don't want to offer my biased opinion.

So what do others think between these two bags? She thought maybe something besides a mono bag would be nice but also wants to carry it in the winter.