My friend bought me a fake!

  1. A girl I work with knows that I love bags and comment on the nice ones I see. So a few weeks ago she went to NYC and came back with a present for me - straight from Canal street! She didn't try to pretend it was real or anything, she told me it cost less than fifty dollars.

    It's not of a design I've ever seen a real LV (it looks like a Theda with a cherry blossom print, but has a weird flap).

    I got my Damier from elux and I wear it all the time these days. If I don't wear it, then I'll wear one of my other purses.

    My friend is always asking me why I don't wear the purse she gave know "The purse I gave you would go great with your clothes today", or "I haven't seen you wear the purse I gave you, ever! Don't you like it?"

    How can I tell her that I don't feel comfortable wearing it? When she gave it to me I was stunned and could only manage stuff like "It looks, err, real pretty.."
  2. oops! some people really aren't into bags and your friend probably didnt realize that your bags were the real thing :sad: she probably thought she was doing you a favor...
  3. This is a tough one. Is there any way you could wear it one time for she can see you wearing the bag? Then, hopefully, she will let it drop.

    This has to be hard for you. I am axious to see what other people have to say about this.
  4. Oh no Merika. Is there anyway that you can take her to lunch as a thank you for purchasing you the handbag and then let her know that fake bags represent ie: sweatshops, etc. she probably has no idea.
  5. I think it' strange that she told you how much your gidt was worth, but that's a bit beside the problem.

    I wouldn't know how to deal with it, except for continuing not to wear it and hope she'll take a hint!
  6. I would bring it to work one day (in a big non designer duffle bag full of gym clothes so you have a reason why its in there lol and then hopefully she will see it on your desk or some where. (some where she can see it as long as your not holding it lol) then hopefully she will be happy about that. Then when when you leave put it back in that gym bag lol.

    or say you carried it out to dinner last night because you didnt have to carry much with you. Tell her its more of a smaller occasion bag?
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions! She told me how much she paid after I sort of pushed her into saying it because I was at first horrified that she had paid a lot of money for a fake.

    I think I'll take her to lunch and try to explain about sweatshops, but I don't know if she'll think I'm being preachy...and I don't want her feelings hurt.
  8. This is what I would do! I was going to say the same thing about it being an occasion bag. Hopefully once will be enough to please her.
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  10. I wouldn't recommend going into a diatribe about what fakes represent (sweatshops, terrorism, etc), because she already bought the bag and will just get defensive and maybe even feel hurt.

    I would just keep saying, I'm waiting for that right outfit/moment to wear it. Eventually, she'll just stop asking.

    I don't know what's wrong with people anyway. If I buy something like jewelry or a bag for one of my friends, I don't constantly pester them by asking "when are you going to wear____." Some people need to get a life.
  11. Oh my... It sounding dilemma. Of course you won't carry fake LV but how to tell your friend that you never carried it by it's fake :confused1:

    Mmm, perhaps you'd tell her, of course, tell her smoothly, it's already your principle won't carry fake or you join with auth. forum then you can't carry fake? :shrugs: oh sorry, I totally have no idea
  12. say you used it over the weekend :p
  13. You should just keeping making excuses that it does not fit with what you're wearing. Or you cherise her friendship and felt that since it was a gift you would hate to ruin it. Just don't tell her the real truth about how you fell about fakes.
  14. :yes: for weekend with her or private pizza party at her home?
  15. I am in the same dilemma...sorta. My best friend went away and bought me an ugly orange's not a fake's just some cheap bag. It was SO nice of her - she knows how much I love handbags and was being very sweet. The thing is, I only carry my LV's these days and I don't really like what she got me. I also don't want to hurt her feelings so I have made it a point to use it once in a while when I know I am going to see her. It's a tough situation. If I were you I would wear it once or twice when you know you will see her. Good luck.