my friend bought a fake bag & seller closed PP account!

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  1. I thought I would write in and ask some trusty members of tPF what a buyer can do in this case? This didn't happen to me, but it has just happened to my friend...She just bought a chocolate Paddy and it's clearly a fake. I didn't see the original listing, but my friend said that the pics definately weren't of the bag that was sent to her! She went to lodge a PP claim this morning, but the seller has closed her PP account!!! She didn't pay by credit card either (she used existing PP funds...) How can PP allow this seller to simply close their account so soon after receiving money? There should be some cooling off period between when a seller receives payment for something and when they can close their account???!!! I am doing my friend a favour by asking the PF ladies their advice. Thank goodness I don't have an eBay account but I do pay for bags using PayPal, so this interests me too. Any advice or actual nightmare experiences would be much appreciated here :sad:
  2. Who's the seller? Name and shame...I have absolutely no clue about what she can do in this case :sad:
  3. Tell your friend to make a PP claim. If the seller was verified and confirmed, she should be covered for at least a certain amount of money. It doesn't matter if she closed her account. She paid with her PP account and PP should help her out. I hope she can resolve this. Let us know what happens.
  4. Hi, thanks for that. I have been doing some searching on the internet and I haven't seen any case like this. I don't know the name of the seller I'll have to find out...I don't know if you can name and shame...Isn't that against the forum rules here?
  5. I would advise your friend to contact the seller and demand a refund and tell the seller that the authorities will be contacted if refund is not received. I would also remind the seller that selling fakes is illegal...this might make the seller nervous enough to resond...sounds like a true scammer so this may prove difficult for your friend.

  6. I agree. If the bag was less than $2,000 and the seller was verified Paypal has a buyer protection policy that should cover the auction. The original eBay listing usually has mention of the PayPal buyer protection in the payment section of listing. I would approach trying to get you money through PayPal first since I'm assuming you just want your money back as quickly as possible and if they are verified and you can prove it's a fake it should be pretty easy.

    Going the route of getting authorities involved will require you to file a lawsuit and collect on it (which can be a very difficult and lengthy process if the seller is in another state).
  7. wow. i thought you had to wait 180 days after your last transaction before you could close a paypal account.


    let us know how this goes, keep us abreast!

    adn good luck to your friend!
    file immediatly!
  8. umm. sth like this happen to me before
    all she can do is report paypal immediately
    the best paypal can do is pull the money back from the seller back up fund
    but, if the seller already winthdraw all of money out of her bank
    then it's difficult
    i got a fake chanel wallet for around $300 dollars
    the pix. on the auction is the authentic one
    and the seller had 80 feedback with 100% positive
    the item that i got is the fake one
    she closed her account in paypal and eBay before i get the wallet
    i reported paypal and ebay since 2005 .. the case still not close until now
    they can pull money back to me only $90:crybaby: