My friend bought a black city, I really want it, what is a good offer? pics

  1. [​IMG]The other day my friend and I were at work and we found an 05 black city on eBay, I thought it was fake as it was in Hong Kong, turns out it wasn't, she is not really a bbag fan either. I think I really want this bag now, she would prob sell it to me if I made her an offer, it is in good condition and she paid £480 for it, what offer should I make her?

    I never used to like black bags as I thought they were boring but I love them now and especially in this style, does anyone own this bag? My fiance says I should just buy a new one but I don't really like the leather on the 2007 ones, I used to have a bubblegum pink from 05 and that leather was nicer than the leather on my 06 rouge vif. What was the leather of the black 05 bags like?

    Was that a good price she got it for? Should I offer more or wait for another one to come up or just buy a new one? Pleae post pics, here is the one she got
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I have a black City bag it is 05, great leather. I think this is the real classic lariat/motorcycle bag & I just love the black. 480 is a very good price if the bag is in good condition these bags cost 725GBP new, good for you if you can get it at less but as she is your friend I would probably offer her what she paid for it, I mean she has only just bought it.

    Here is mine

  5. Thanks, is it better to get an 05 bag or a brand new one? I'm just not too keen on the veiny shiny look if that makes sense, is yours squishy?
  6. I have the balck city in 07 and I love it, but that is just me. I think that it depends which you would want more. If you love the 05 leather better, ask you friend if you can buy it from her. The bag looks really nice from the pics and is probably more gorgeous IRL.
  7. Well I love my bag it is squishy :smile: You should go & see the 07 leather IRL & then decide
  8. I think thats a great price she paid for it and I agree if you want it pay her what she paid for it so shes not out of pocket! I love 05 leather, saying that I hae an 07 french blue twiggy and the leather is lovely and thick. Go see what you can find as sourcing bags in the UK is a nightmare!!!!!!!Good luck with your search.
  9. Thanks, how much should I go over the price she paid? Is the 05 black coveted or not because black is available each season, also does the black wear better than coloured bags because it is black?
  10. The 05 leather is great, but, I have to say my black 07 leather is awesome!! I would go for a new one, but, that's just me. It will eventually get all nice and smooshy. Black is pretty much available every season.
  11. I have a F/W 06 Black City, and it's REALLY squishy. Anyhow, I kinda' went off on my own tangent there... Hold off until you see your friend's bag IRL, and decide for yourself if you want her bag, or if you'd rather get one that's brand new. I've bought two pre-loved bags to-date, and I rather like that fact that they've both been broken in, but that's a personal choice.

    Good luck on your choice!
  12. I think it depends. It sounds like even if you paid her what she paid, you can get a really good deal. So which is more important to you? The price or the bag being new? If you don't care if the bag is used, I would buy the one from her since she doesn't like it and you can get a good deal. If you get an 07, she is probably going to have to sell it herself and you will have to pay almost double for a new one that probably won't be that much better or different.
    IMO, buying the one from her is a win/win for you both. But I would definately give her all of what she paid. The friendship is more important than saving a few bucks.
  13. i would probably buy a new bag
  14. Thanks for all your help guys, I was actually thinking of offering her more than she paid, not less! Can anyone with this bag post a pic, also, do you find it goes with a lot? I always worry about using black bags in summer but I think because it's not a structured bag it will go with a lot
  15. welp, i'm lucky to have an '04 & an '05 black city & they're 2 of my favorite bags of all time (below are 2 photos of my '05) :tender:...they can be dressed up or down & go with everything under the sun...of course, i live in nyc where black bags are a staple all year of luck with your decision, i hope you get it :heart:
    DSCF4523 REV.jpg DSCF4547 REV.jpg