My friday night surprise

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  1. My boyfriend surprised me friday night. He took me to members only night at the Brooklyn Museum :smile:

    Here we are with my mahina on its first nite out

    we got to only snap a few pics

  2. Nice picture, really like your mahina!
  3. and here are the goodies
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]



  6. oooooo... I love the colour combo! it's so blue! :smile:
  7. mc zippy coin purse!!!! wooooo
  8. Also

    they were selling the monoflage canvas square print in the light shade

    definitely denim and the SA said June 1st and in select LV boutiques on the 15th. She hinted that the monoflage is similar to the mahina denim but with pockets cargo-like. they had the marilyns, they had a new business card holder and the zippy. the business card holder is 355 i believe. the zippy is 380.
  9. Congrats, the Mahina looks great on you and I LOVE the new MC Zippy! Colors are so pretty :love:
  10. Thanks for all of the great pics and info. It looked like a really fun night! You scored some really nice goodies too, congrats!
  11. love it all! congrats! i love the picture of you two!
  12. Such a cute pic! And the MC Zippy is TDF!!!
  13. It's all so fabulous!!! Congrats!
  14. MC Zippy Coin Purse is so pretty! And Denim Mahina looks alot better on someone that on stock pics, its gorgeous! Congrats on everything!
  15. When is the release of the MC Zippy??