My French Tote's First Outing!!

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  1. I'm sooo in love with this French Tote!! I got all dressed up today (okay, for me these days on the weekend, that's nice designer jeans, cool layered tops (brown tee w/ burnt orange tank underneath), cool chunky carnelian long pendant necklace and brown Cole Haan heels with huge silver earrings and had the hair flat ironed to perfection (which lasted all of 5 min. in the heat today) and full makeup as I was going to this trunk show thing. Of course, I dressed to compliment my bag and the color combo looked great.

    I tell you guys, this bag is a show stopper - everywhere I went today people stopped me and complimented me on my bag and when I stopped to grab lunch the girls at a table near me kept staring at my bag - I'm sure trying to figure out who the designer was as it's so unique. It's also super comfy to wear, so easy to get into and --- miracle of miracles --- the handles actually stay on my shoulder (not many bags do especially two handled ones)! Plus they're just long enough that I can actually get it on my shoulder one-handed which is awesome! It also holds a ton of stuff without looking full at all - I had: Lg. ziparound wallet, Gucci sunglasses/case, phone (in pocket on back), bluetooth thingy, camera, Blackberry, biz card case, lg. Coach makeup bag, keys, kleenex, mints, a magazine, the new Nordies catalog (picked up on the way) and at one point a decent sized Coach bag that I was returning.

    One caveat - this is not a structured bag - in the photos it does look like it is, but it will not stand up on it's own - I had quite a few items in there and I had to lean it back against my chair or on a shelf where I put it for a sec while shopping. You could probably put one of the large pursekett's in it and get it to stand on it's own though. Personally, I love a slouchy bag so I'm totally cool with how it is!
  2. Thanks for the detailed review! Very helpful!
  3. i would love to see some modelling pics and how you worked it with your clothes!!
  4. I had nearly convinced myself to get over it and that the cheri will suffice, but now I want a French Tote again!

    That was a great detailed story - I love it! I can definitely see people staring at the bag. I know I would, and I really think this color combo is key. It sounds like you carry just as much stuff around as me!
  5. I posted a couple of modeling pics in the thread I posted on Friday - do a search for French Tote and it will pop up. I didn't take any today, but maybe tomorrow as I think I'm using her unless I'm going to this festival, in which case I'm taking something much less precious;)
  6. Such a cool bag. I would have also thought it was structured. Enjoy!!
  7. Good review! Congrats on being fabulous!
  8. thank you for such a wonderful review. i think you just convinced me that I need one in my life.:P