My French Blue City is here..TDF!!!!


Sep 10, 2006
I love it..I love it..I love it..I love it!! Woo hoo, I LOVE Daphne for picking it out!! It is the most amazing blue I have ever seen. I want to post pics..don't laugh..but I don't know how!! It is sooooooooo gorgeous..not electric blue at all, it reminds me of blueberry but maybe a little lighter, it is such a true blue, I :heart: it so much. I did decide to go w/ the marine first/money wallet instead of the french blue first/money wallet only because I want a little of each blue!! Someone please let me know how to post pics
u could open an account in and upload ur photos, then u can copy the url address and click on the mountain icon on this thread and paste it!
or u could send me ur pics and i;ll post it to ya :yes: