My fraternal twins! *PICS*

  1. I thought you all might enjoy seeing pics of my twin GH days! Though the girls have the same styling, the coloring is quite different! :smile: Meet Miss Ocean SGH Day and her sister, Miss Vert Gazon GGH Day!

    I have included solo pics of both too- the Ocean's leather is just TO DIE FOR. Enjoy!
    fraternal twins resized.JPG vggghday1resized.JPG vggghday2resized.JPG oceansghdayresized.JPG oceandaybackresized.JPG
  2. Two amazing colors!!!! Congrats!!!
  3. GOOD GRIEF!!! I'M ENVIOUS!!! I love days.. and I love them with GIANT hardware!! CONGRATS... awesome awesome colors.... :nuts: WOw, what a score. LOVE EM~!
  4. OMG!!! both day look gorgeous!!! the ocean looks very vibrant...almost thought it was a FB. congrats on your bbags!!
  5. they both look absolutely stunning! :drinkup: congratuations!
  6. i love the colors, congrats!!
  7. congrats!! :biggrin:
  8. Gorgeous! Really fabulous bags!
  9. Congratulations!! Those bags are beautiful!
  10. WoW:drool:. Those two bags are gorgeous -- I love the GH!
  11. such beautiful colors, congratulations! i love vg and ocean
  12. WOW. I love how vibrant the Ocean is...looks like French Blue so much. Both are gorgeous though..congrats!
  13. I LOVE the ocean with SH. Both are gorgeous but that ocean...:drool:
  14. Love the ocean with the SGH. Complements it well.
  15. Two awesome colors!! I love VG!!