My Frambroise agenda is finally here!

  1. I finally got my frambroise agenda today! :yahoo:

    Because of the initial color disparity between the photo and the description on Elux, I half expected to see a blue shade peeking out from underneath the dustbag. :P

    Thank goodness it turned out right, and this is the most gorgeous pink I have ever seen. She even matches with my rose Bal twiggy! :lol:

    Come drool over this fantastic color with me! :upsidedown:

    lv3.jpg lv4.jpg lv7.jpg
  2. More pictures! :P
    lv2.jpg lv5.jpg lv6.jpg
  3. Shes's so pretty! Congratulations! It's a color that's going to be discontinued, no?
  4. And here it is with my rose Bal twiggy.. what a perfect match! :love::love:
  5. I have no idea about this; I don't follow LV as closely as Bal :yes:
    But if it is then I'm glad I have a piece of it!
  6. i would have to agree with you on that. very lovely! :yes: congrats!!
  7. Yeah! That is on my wish/:love: list. How pretty is that agenda:girlsigh:. I'll bet you are going to love pulling THAT out of your bag! Enjoy!!
  8. Congrats - looks great with your twiggy !
  9. Thank you, Twisted!
  10. Thanks! I definitely will not be having any trouble finding it in my bag :yes: (most of my other stuff are black, so they all look alike!)
  11. Gorgeous! Tis is on my list of MUST GET when I am in Paris next month! ;)
  12. so pretty, congrats!
  13. So yummy, I want to eat it :lol:
  14. Congrats!!! And a perfect match:love:
  15. Very pretty! We are agenda twins!!