My Four New Scarves!!! What do you think?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just bought 4 Coach scarves and am so excited as these will be my first square ones. I have only had the ponytail ones in the past!

    The best part is I got them for $35.05 plus $8 shipping, so for a total of $43.05! :yahoo:

    So how did I do? Did I get a good deal? I have never bought Coach online before, only in stores, so I am kinda weary.


  2. oooooo ahhhhhhhh
  3. They're lovely. I especially like the pink one and the blue one with the big Cs
  4. I love the pink one! You got a great deal!
  5. great deal!! congrats!
  6. They're gorgeous!! I love the green one!!
  7. Beautiful!!
  8. thats a really good deal i lvoe them all !
  9. i think my green one is my fav. you got a great deal
  10. That pink one is TDF!
  11. love them all! beautiful choices!!
  12. I love all of those, very nice find!
  13. Great scarves-I love the big scribble flower!
  14. wow great deal there all so pretty!
  15. I love your new scarves, lots of great color!