My FOUR new Bbags!

Cheshire Cat

Long live McQueen
Feb 12, 2007
Well, through a combination of a raise and selling a few bags, I've made some purchases recently...

Tomato First - I sold both of my Vermillion bags (Day and City), but still really wanted a red Bbag. This one is a perfect true red, and the leather is unbelievable!

Ocean First - I love my Blue Glacier First, but I wanted a deeper blue as well. I wasn't crazy about the Ocean bags I saw in person at Barneys, but this one is more vivid and saturated. In the right light it looks a little like Indigo! A very versitile blue.

Magenta First - I bought the LE Magenta City, but I just didn't love it. The colour was a little less bright and the City size just isn't right for me. However, my good friend had the opposite problem, so we just straight-across traded bags - my LE City for her First!

Ink Twiggy - My favourite of the new bags! The leather on this one is outstanding. I'd had an Ink City before, but it was so purple that I sold it to fund Violet. This one is more of the standard Ink - dark blue with a hint of purple undertones in the right light. This bag just hands-down goes with everything. One of my favourite Bal colours of all time! It came to me with darkened handles, but I was able to lighten them to the same colour as the rest of the bag with Orange TKO!




Apr 21, 2007
I've recently bought an ink twiggy,:yahoo: LOVe it!!!
The leather is awsome! I live in a very small city in NJ nobody knows Balenciaga, and all my friends do not like it! I don't care what anybody thinks I LOVE MY BBag!!!:jammin: