My FOUR new Bbags!

  1. Well, through a combination of a raise and selling a few bags, I've made some purchases recently...

    Tomato First - I sold both of my Vermillion bags (Day and City), but still really wanted a red Bbag. This one is a perfect true red, and the leather is unbelievable!


    Ocean First - I love my Blue Glacier First, but I wanted a deeper blue as well. I wasn't crazy about the Ocean bags I saw in person at Barneys, but this one is more vivid and saturated. In the right light it looks a little like Indigo! A very versitile blue.


    Magenta First - I bought the LE Magenta City, but I just didn't love it. The colour was a little less bright and the City size just isn't right for me. However, my good friend had the opposite problem, so we just straight-across traded bags - my LE City for her First!


    Ink Twiggy - My favourite of the new bags! The leather on this one is outstanding. I'd had an Ink City before, but it was so purple that I sold it to fund Violet. This one is more of the standard Ink - dark blue with a hint of purple undertones in the right light. This bag just hands-down goes with everything. One of my favourite Bal colours of all time! It came to me with darkened handles, but I was able to lighten them to the same colour as the rest of the bag with Orange TKO!

    Ocean First.jpg Tomato First.jpg Magenta First.jpg Ink Twiggy.jpg
  2. wow you are one crazy kitty ! :nuts:beautiful finds especially the magenta and ink babies....:drool:
  3. :dothewave:

    CONGRATS!!!! They are so pretty!!!!!

  4. good god! they're gorgeous, how can you pick just one to wear for the day? love em!
  5. Chesire - wow!! You are one lucky girl!!!
  6. what gorgeous bags!
  7. A bag haul, love it!! that ink color is amazing.
  8. dang.....HOT
  9. Wow, 4 gorgeous bags! Now a hard question; which one are you going to take out first?

    Lucky lucky you!
  10. I've recently bought an ink twiggy,:yahoo: LOVe it!!!
    The leather is awsome! I live in a very small city in NJ nobody knows Balenciaga, and all my friends do not like it! I don't care what anybody thinks I LOVE MY BBag!!!:jammin:
  11. VERY NICE! I bet you're grinning like a Cheshire cat right now!
  12. Those are beautiful bags, Cheshire. :love: Congrats!!
  13. Congrats!!! Great vivid colors and I really like the First style too! :tup:
  14. wow!! great color choices!! i love all of your new purchases!!
  15. OMG!!! I love them all!!! Congratulations!!!