My Fortune Cookie

  1. Vlad and I have the worst habit of eating out all the time. Tonight we ate dinner at our favorite chinese place. After dinner I opened up my fortune cookie to see quite the funny but true fortune...

    "You' can't have everything ... where would you put it all?"

    It made me laugh outloud because in my head I began to think of who to call for more closet space! HAHA :angel:
  2. Ahhh shux!! I thought it was going to say something like, "Your man is going to propose tonight! LOL!!!
  3. I thought exactly the same thing!!! :P
  4. Hahaha that would be cute... but I am not sure my man is there yet at all!!!!
  5. i was thinking the same thing too;) . i can't wait til the day we get to read that special post..........Vlad and guys are the best.

  6. How very funny and spookily apt, that fortune was, for a handbag lover! :lol:

    If I had the cash (and hadn't spent it all on bags and jewellery! :shame: ), I'd buy a new house to live in, just so I could use the old one for storage! :yes:

    But, I guess, if I hadn't spent the cash in the first place, I wouldn't need the second house...:huh: :lol:
  7. Megs ~ The Minute I Saw Your Post, I Was Thinking About A Fortune I Got A Couple Weeks Ago (Of Course, I Saved It)..........Guess What...Same One!!! :sad: ......I Really Thought It Was Made For Me! Heee!!!!! :smile:
  8. I got a wonderful fortune a few months ago.... I still have it in my wallet:

    Treat yourself to something of quality... you deserve it.
  9. My husband got a fortune cookie a few weeks ago that said 'You will get the next job you interview for.' Sure enough he did!

    When he gave his notice at his current job yesterday he wanted to show the fortune to his't mess with fate, right?
  10. I like that one Meg. lol
  11. Like a beautiful new bag?:graucho: