My Foresta Loot...

  1. So, Foresta was being released at AM Lesportsac today and I knew I had to go. I asked my dad to watch my toddler and packed up the newborn and headed into town. I got there an hour after opening and there were quite a few in the store. The bags were in their packing boxes on the floor of the store and everyone was rummaging through them, taking the bags out of the plastic and looking for the perfect print placements. I was told that someone came and bought the whole box of Mamma Mias. By the time I got there they were already out ot MMs, BVs, Ciaos, Denaros, Carmelas, and only had one Portatelefono left. The workers assured me that it was crazier for yesterday's release of Vacanze (there was a line out the door before LSS opened). Apparently the other LSS in Hawaii also got their shipments in today and were putting them out later in the afternoon.

    I spent a lot of time in the store unable to make up my mind but came home with these goodies....

    The Gioco is for me and the other two are for baby girl. She loves to carry bags. Too bad they stopped making Bocces because that's her favorite.

    My Tokidoki Collection is now complete!
  2. Here are a few more pix...
    IMG_4152.JPG IMG_4153.JPG IMG_4154.JPG IMG_4155.JPG
  3. And my Gioco...
    IMG_4156.JPG IMG_4157.JPG IMG_4158.JPG IMG_4159.JPG IMG_4160.JPG
  4. did they re release all the styles or just select styles. That sucks that someone bought a whole box of mamma mias. thats just greedy..they should have had limits..
  5. I think they released all the styles, no Bocce though.
  6. that is a beautiful gioco! :smile:
  7. Thank you..I couldn't decide and someone actually had this one in their hand. As soon as she put it down I snatched it right up.
  8. i love your bags! so pretty!
  9. ooo...I asked you which ones you got (in the other thread). So lucky!!! I only got one mamma mia, ciao, and denaro from my husband. Btw, he saw the person who took the whole box of mamma mias :tdown: He was lucky to get one before that person took the rest. LSS should set a limit. I think it would only be fair to the loyal customers, instead of feeding the greedy resellers.
  10. Oh, your husband must've gotten there when it opened!! I couldn't get the kids ready this morning so we had a late start. Iwanted aCiao but am happy I got my Gioco.
  11. Lucky you! I love your Gioco!
  12. great buys! i was there too but got there after opening...i was there to see the whole box of MM's leave =(

    here is my foresta loot....i also was looking for a bocce for my baby girl (She's 4).

  13. I love your Dolce!!! My daughter has a Paradiso Bocce and loves it. I need to get more for her.
  14. RG, I'll post pics of what I got as soon as DH gets home.
    He picked it up for me while I was at work. He was going to bring it home and surprise me but couldn't since I told him I was going to HHV as soon as I got home to change clothes.
  15. Beautiful bags!!! Is there any way to distinguish the re-release from the original Forestas?