My Foresta Campeggio Arrived ~

  1. [​IMG]

    :yahoo::yahoo: *happy chicki dance*

    Wow~ I'm totally blown away by the sheer size of the campeggio (in a good way i.e.lolx) I'm totally in love with the insanely pretty placement of the bag!! Monkeys and more monkeys w/ not much water scene (hehe i'm not such a big fan of the kois :p)

    Now I can go back to :drool: all over my new bag..hehee
  2. Shes gorgeous, congrats!
  3. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! :drool: The placement is lovely (even though I prefer the water scene) CONGRATS!! :yahoo: Drool over it alllll you want :drool:
  4. awww!! your bag is sooo cute! man i want a foresta print bag!!! idk what style yet, but i really want one! congrats!
  5. birki : I would love to see you campeggio but I can't see the pic when everyone else can.:sad: Can someone help me? BTW, it is really big?
  6. OMG!! I love your campeggio!! im soo jealous!! :drool:
  7. OMG it's so prettyyyyyy!!!!! congrats :biggrin:
  8. !!! I'm jealous lol... its beautiful!!
  9. thank you muchies for your toki :heart: ladies ..

    mytokiluv~ oh dear maybe you can try clicking on the direct link here . Yes the campeggio is surprisingly much roomier than Stellina !! Really good for travelling IMO and fits quite nicely on me since i'm not exactly petite build lolx
  10. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup:
  11. it's so beautiful!!! :love:
  12. lol i had to look at it again it's so beautiful! It's got so much color on the front ... with rainbows and pink lovebirds and the colored snakes and the water scene ... ahh it's sooooo prettyyyy
  13. Beautiful!!!!!
  14. lol tokidokiangel~ i know wat u mean! hehe the green is just so pleasing to the eyes!
  15. BEAUTIFUL!! You have all the cute characters on there!! Lucky you:tup: