My Foresta Bella

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  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: Yippeeeeee my foresta bella came in!! It has my monkeys :love:... I:heart: it!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. Wow, that looks really nice!!!!

    I've been watching/bidding on some foresta items lately..but my bf says I shouldn't because he thinks it's hard to match with things, and that I won't really use it.....:sad:

    I still bid on them anyway.... but I'm always away when it's about to end and i get outbid....
  3. thanks :biggrin:... i know how you feel...the foresta print doesnt really match any of my clothes but i :love: the print so much it doesnt matter to me if it doesnt match.. but it does turn heads when ppl walk by because its so bright :biggrin:

    i say if you like the print you might as well go for it! :graucho:

    im usually away too when i bid for auctions...and then i get :cursing: because i got outbidded...ha it happened to me recently on foresta nuvola..but then again i was so happy i lost..i didnt want was an impulse decision :p
  4. I bid on that too!!! it was also kind of an impulsive bid because I just wanted something foresta and a nuvola, and thought 'why not kill 2 birds'.. I knew it was impossible to win that under 110 though..
  5. hahaha:lol: thats funny we both lost! ...guess it wasnt meant to be...besides the print wasnt really that great..i just wanted a nuvola for such a while i got carried away...well if that person that won didnt bid at all, i would have won that auction! lol
  6. Am I the only one who spends most of my time in jeans and a t-shirt?!?!? Everything goes with that.....
  7. nope, because that my everyday wear too!
  8. That is a perfect monkey bag!!! I love the monkeys on that print too! Where did you get it?
  9. I work at NASA and have to dress up, so I only get to use my bags on weekends... or if I go casual for work. Sometimes I can pull my Pirata BV off when I wear black or solids. Jobs SUCK!
    I think a Foresta would go soooo well with my Bumbleride Stroller.... I love using my toki bags on weekends but usually have baby and stroller with me! I would love to get a Foresta something to match!
  10. vmaster - I love the cute girl!!! What print is she from/where did she come from?!?!
  11. nice bella :yes:
  12. Thank you! :biggrin: I got it at eBay...i was like whoohoo :yahoo: there are two of same monkeys!..those are my favoritest monkeys lol...though the sad thing is i got sandy on the bottom...i wish she was somewhere else like the back hahaha...

    sparkyjt: wow!! you work at NASA:confused1: must be an awesome job you got there! i dont see why you cant use your toki bags to work? ...the cute lilgirl isnt in any print...oh i wish she was!! i would be all over with that print :lol: simone designed a room in demark and she was in it :biggrin:

    ducky112: thanks :biggrin:
  13. Thats a cute bella vmasterz!
  14. Congrats Vmasterz!! That is an adorable bella with your monkeys!! :graucho: :love: Are you actually going to USE this purse :lol:
  15. Congratulations Vmasterz, You have the girl monkeys on your Bella. She is my fav too!