my foot is gone :(

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  1. well we were going overseas on vacation three weeks ago and i was so excited to take my black MAB...we get to JFK and i look at the bottom of the bag and one of my feet is gone....i was so sad....the tack is also gone ....i guess i will contact RM for repair...just wanted to MAB spent its vacation in lebanon footless....:sad:
  2. :mad::censor::rant:

    It breaks my heart to see these posts. I can't wait for the day that there are no more feet falling off issues.

  3. So sorry to hear this. Which type of feet is it?
  4. it isnt the sig one.....just the gold octogon like foot...
  5. I am sorry =( I hope you can get it replaced soon!!
  6. I know it's no consolation to Zoesma but don't all the feet on the New Bags look very secure. All of my news bags feet are rock solid. Anyone have a New Bag's feet Fall off? But in the meantime we have bags as new as 6 months old with this problem. It's a very bad statement for a Designer to have such a prevalent problem on their 600 dollar bags that go on and on.
  7. I have a new bag that is at RM right now because one of it's feet fell off.
  8. Sorry to hear that! When you send the bag in to RM, see if they can't put the round feet on...those are supposed to be the most secure.
  9. I also just came back from vacation and I always keep checking the feet on my RMs whenever I carry them. I've once had a loose foot on my concord Nikki, and I hope I will never experience it again.
  10. I have this problem. How long does it usually take for a foot repair?
  11. ^ I had my Nikki sent to RM just yesterday to replace a bottom foot as well. The person who emailed me back said it takes about 3 weeks usually.
  12. Yeah that's been my experience also, including the shipping time. It's @ 2 weeks to repair the bag and however long it takes to ship to/from.
  13. This is ridiculous!!!! i love RM bags but now i found my self checking the bottom all the time so frustrating. :sad::sad: