My follow up to "oh boy...." ;)

  1. Well - thanks so much everyone for all the advice on my dilema I had last week on the bag I had and the one I thought I wanted. Well - I called my SA at Prada - (her name is Carolyn and she is fabulous - happy to give anyone here her number!) and told her that I just for some reason had not felt compelled to use the nappa gauffre in camello! I know I can hear you gasping! I loved that gauffre, but it, this is going to sound pathetic, just seemed too nice to use! I loved looking at it more than I did using it - I guess I have never had anything as nice as that before. So anyway - Carolyn was awesome and told me she wouldn't mind exchanging my gauffre for the washed leather frame satchel. It came yesterday and I absolutely love it! I will probably one day get another gauffre again when I build back my for fun funds, but for now, this washed satchel is really more "me" and I just had to share with you all. It is washed buffalo leather and it is to die for! The smell is out of this world, and it is really thick, smooshy and soft, and kind of collapes when I set it down. Not quite so formal, but yet still simple enough to be (I hope) timeless for awhile. I have to post pics of my new baby as I really do love it and can't wait to hear what you think.... (it's okay - I know I am in the minority when it comes to giving up a gauffre for this satchel....):woohoo:
    washed satchel3 (Small).jpg washed satchel2 (Small).jpg
  2. hey, I LOVE IT! I love the gauffre's too, and this washed line; you're not crazy, it's just whatever you like best, it's ok!! :yes:

    I have one of these too, not a frame one but the one with the front & side pockets -- the leather is sooooooooo extremely soft, it's like glove leather, isn't it?!! and it smells so GREAT!

    could you post a picture of the inside?
  3. Gorgeous!!!
  4. I love the gauffre, but this is really nice too--I really love the style! The leather looks gorgeous!!!

  5. oh I love it!!! And I totally here ya on the gauffre! I'm using my cera satchel tomorrow for the first time...a little nervous about it..I've been using the black nylon gauffre I got earlier this week and feel VERY comfortable with it..It's very 'me'....I kinda feel like I'll be carrying the Hope diamond with the leather one...It's the most expensive bag I have and I'm a little nervy...

    But you definitely made the right's obvious in your can get a gauffre anytime...maybe even on sale..I think it has a lot to do with what we're 'ready' for...That bag looks so smushy and useful! Post a modeling pic..I would love to see what that bag looks like on!! Congrats!!! So happy for you!! put that baby to godd use & enjoy it!!! :yahoo:
  6. I have both the washed leather frame bag and two gauffres. Love them all, but I do tend to toss the washed leather bag around without any worries.
  7. Thanks everyone!
    This bag is going to work out wonderful for me - put it thru it's paces today and it's going to be very functional. Easy to get in and out of and with the frame part, you can even leave it on your shoulder and just let one handle drop and it opens up so I can reach in and get whatever it is I need without even breaking stride! :yes: And yes - it does smell fabulous :drool: and I think with use it is going to get even better and softer. It's perfect for me ........ for now :graucho: I will post a pic of the inside .... and maybe one of me modeling - I always end up looking like a giant dork, but I will give it my best shot! Thanks ya'll!
  8. CONGRATS!!! I adore that bag as well..U cant go wrong.U have to pick the bag that YOU are comfy with..THATS ALL THAT COUNTS!!
  9. Congratulations
  10. Just have to tell you all :yahoo: !!!! I love this bag! It is sooo easy to use, and fits me just right! I absolutely love this leather too! It is so nice and thick and I can't stop touching it (so of course being the maniac I am, have now developed a OCD about having clean hands when I am touching it!) But it really rocks! I can't explain how easy it is to use. I have been out to grocery store and stuff (yes - very exciting life) and I can just reach in and get what I need without ever taking it off of my shoulder if I don't want to! The frame just falls open wide enough that wha-la! Everything I need is right there! I wasn't sure about the frame thing, but it really works great, and I have a wallet, larger makeup bag, two pairs of sunglasses (in cases yet) ipod, keys and everything fits beautifully - there is room for more and the nice thing is that once inside the bag - everything settles right where it needs to be - unlike some other bags I have had where everything shifts to one side. I am loving this satchel! Who knew? Haven't worked up the nerve yet to post modeling pics....
    I took longer than I thought, but here are the "inside" photos for izitso: ( my camera is throwing quite a yellow tinge to these photos - it really is not that yellowy looking on the inside, I would say more of a "doe" tanny color.
    inside 001 (Small).jpg inside 002 (Small).jpg inside 003 (Small).jpg
  11. btw
    Thanks everyone for all the compliments and congrats! And, all the help and consideration I rec'd trying to get this figured out! Truly grateful. I love The Purse Forum and the enablers you all are! Someone asked me the other day if I kept a journal and I laughed to myself thinking "does the purse forum count?" :flowers:
  12. ^ You are too cute!!!! So glad you LOVE your bag...makes all the difference huh!!! Enjoy it!!
  13. Love it.I want one!!!!
  14. thats so gorgeous! i was so tempted to get the exact bag! however i got too worried abt it picking up stains, that i decided against it.:shame:
  15. So glad you found a bag you love and use. These beautiful bags are all very well but there's not much point having them if you don't use them. I was a bit wary of using my off-white Miu Miu at first but now it comes everywhere with me.
    My mum always had things 'for best' and they sat in the cupboard and were never used. I've vowed that's not going to be me - have 'em and use 'em.
    Your frame bag looks gorgeous.