my flat in london

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  1. i like the whole tiara theme they have going on with all their bags. some have poodles on them and some are shaped like poodles. i especially like the the "queen bee" decoration.

    does any1 have one? are they outta syle? i've never see anyone with one, but i think they're cute.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I think they're cute and I too have never seen anyone carrying one around personally. I saw them at Nordstrom and liked the tiara theme but just can't seem to bring myself to purchase one. I don't know, maybe I find them too girly for me. I honestly don't know?! I think they would be cute with a low key outfit since there's a lot going on w/ the bag.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I think they're cute, but I think I'm too old for them (31)... I do have one of their s/s black t-shirts with a pink bee and a tiara for queen bee. It's a cute t-shirt without being too in your face like "Watch out, I'll steal your boyfriend" motto kinda shirts.
  7. i feel the same. i was in nords and i saw the adorable travel tote. great interior design, with all these little compartments for passport, money, cellphone, open space, etc.

    i think i musta spent a hour trying to make up my mind--but in the end i couldn't do it either.

    there was a woman and her very young daughter (maybe 5 y.o.) in there and she was buying what looked like a tiny puppy one for the girl and the big dog one for herself.

    i couldn't make up my mind about them either, LOL but i disgress.
  8. They are so cute! I would get the dog carrier!
  9. i'm 29 and carrying the one, *ahem* but i'm still very whimsical. i wondered if they were too young for me too.

    i love all things royalty/tiara/queen related and i think that's why these bags spoke to me. i have a queen E tee that i wear with my tiara brooch. :love:
  10. that is such a cute idea! i need a doggy tho. :biggrin:
  11. Cute remind me of a whimsical Kate Spade.
  12. The quality of the bags are excellent, I received one as a gift...but ended up giving it to my niece (too whimsical for me). I think they're one of those bags where you have to take more time picking out an appropriate outfit to wear with the bag. The bags tend to be overpowering, but their awfully cute!

  13. yeah they are definetely over powering for a regular outfit or everyday. the one piece i liked the most was the travel tote, b/c it's a handy carry on and easily identifiable. for traveling, i like to have a cute carry on.
  14. very cute but not for me (I would give one to my younger sister though!)
  15. They are really cute, although I don't think its something I would carry...