"My Flat in London" handbags

  1. Has anyone heard of the brand "MY Flat in London"? I just noticed them the other day at Nordstrom (duh!!) and some of them are so cute! Does anyone have them? What do you guys think? Are they TOO cutesy???:blink:
  2. they look pretty cute, but i talked myself out of buying one...it was too boxy for me.
  3. I've seen them. They're cute but not my type of bags.
  4. Are they still making them? I remember when they all went on sale a while ago and I thought the line was being discontinued. I think they would be cute for a teenager but I can't see anyone over 25 carrying one.
  5. they are cute but I saw one of a dog and I can't see anyone pulling it off, plus it has no room inside

    but in the search for this picture I found some cute ones like these
  6. if I was 10 years younger I would buy one
  7. I love the bags but I think it's overpriced. Very cute but too much of a novelty for the prices they sell the bags at.
  8. My thoughts exactly. They are cute but if you see them IRL, you'll see that they're all made of plastic or microfibre. Definitely overpriced.
  9. i really like them but they're awefully cutesy. for the price and with my style i could never see myself wearing it enough to justify it...kind of like juicy. LOVE the boxiness and sparkley crown they put on some of them...and the quilting. they're fun, but not my style.
  10. I've seen them at Nordstrom and Costco...if you like them I would get them at Costco bc I agree that they are too expensive. cute and fun though!
  11. I saw them on the HSN shopping channel a few weeks back, they had the dog one on, cute but I couldn't see myself carrying one
  12. LOL I totally agree about the dog purse being too cutesy...the one I like is kind of an argyle print...it is really cute. However, even though I am only 22, I still worry that it is too "little girl" for me...maybe I need to go see it in person:huh:
  13. Not all the bags are that "so cute you want to barf" type. I have this one.
  14. Ok now this I like, nice indeed. The leather looks nice and squishy too. Too bad HSN didn't show that one :biggrin:

    Not all the bags are that "so cute you want to barf" type. I have this one.
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