My Flat in London Alligator Tote

  1. To say I like kitsch would probably be an understatement, and I guess these bags are that. I actually ordered the Alligator Tote from My Flat in London today, and I cannot wait to get it. The woman said I would have it by Friday. I also ordered a bee t-shirt. I know these purses are not as expensive as others, but they do fit my personality, and I can rationalize the purchase to my husband. ;)

    It is on page 4 at this link. :wlae:
  2. I think it's cute! I have a MFIL bag from about 2 years ago--it's a quilted cream color frame bag with a big frog (w/crown) on the front. I got it because I liked the shape and I thought the frog was cute.