My Fjord Rouge H Birkin

  1. Here are pics that theITbag help take of my first Birkin with her Togo birkin for comparison. Hmmm...I wonder what bag I should get next...Maybe a Togo 30 Birkin???
    rougebirkin1.jpg rougebirkin2side.jpg rougebirkin3back.jpg rougebirkin4inside.jpg rougebirkin5front.jpg rougebirkin6frontclose.jpg rougebirkin7frontclose2.jpg leathers.jpg birkins.jpg
  2. Wow! Great color Birkins! Welcome to this wonderful forum world!

    Is 35cm Birkin in Fjord heavy to carry?
  3. Your bag is beautiful, fjord leather is georgeous, is your bag a 35?
    what color are you considering next?
  4. yes, it is a 35. feels the same as theITbag's 35 togo in weight, but the togo is definitely softer. not sure if the Fjord will end up becoming that soft after some use.

    i'm really really broke now, but would love to buy a bright color next.:graucho:
  5. really great bag. the "one is never enough" part soooo true!:yes: :biggrin:
  6. The Fjord leather is so beautiful. I love its shape.:love::love::love:
  7. This is gorgeous!!! I love Rouge H!
  8. the color is beautiful!! congrats!! i love the comparison shot of the fjord and togo
  9. Gorgeous bags! Congrats :biggrin: I love the fjord leather.The pics show great comparison of the two leathers. thank you.
  10. Love the grain on your Fjord Birkin. Rouge H is one of my favorites. Congratulations!:biggrin:
  11. Oh WOW! They are both so beautiful! Congratulations!!!!!!
  12. Wow, congratulations. That is one delicious bag!!!
  13. That is a stunning color! What a beautiful bag!!
  14. Thanks for sharing, Chanchan! :flowers: Your Rouge H Fjord Birkin is beautiful!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. gorgeous - wowee. it feels like this post was especially for me. :love: it's my favorite hermes color and i'm debating between togo/clemene and fjord. for me it will be a kelly, probably in black (otherwise definitely rouge h :heart: :heart: ) but what is your experience with manipulating fjord, getting in and out - opening and closing the bag? does it work more like chevre do you think (a stiffer leather)? did the SA that sold you the bag stress fjord's durability? durability is top on my list of requirements, since they're all gorgeous (have to find a way to separate one from the herd, pardon the pun). :graucho:
    thank you so much for the pics, and ITbag for helping.