My fist Kelly 25 in Ostrich !!!


Sep 15, 2014
I got this bag in the beginning of October. My ideal bag was an ostrich birkin 25 in violet phw , but that is an unrealistic dream :-s because my local store didn't have and is not going to get any Birkin 25 in ostrich. So after a week of thinking and researching I came to the conclusion that a birkin 25 in ostrich leather is hard to get from hermes or from a reseller as brand new. So I told my SA that I was ok with a Kelly 25 in ostrich as long as it was one of these colors in order ( violet , blue sapphire , vert titian , rouge vif ) . Two days later , I got a call to come to hermes and be prepared to be amazed :nuts::nuts: .

Had to wait 2.5 hours in store for the whole process :doh: But came home with an amazing bag that I never thought I will love .

so here it is :amuse::amuse::amuse::amuse:

IMG_1406.jpg IMG_1405.jpg IMG_1390.jpg
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