My fist hermes bag :)

  1. Hi ladies!!!!

    so with all the pictures and the chitchat about hermes bag, i'm madly in love with hermes!!! now i'm waiting to own and wear my first hermes bag!! :yahoo:

    so.. i was offered a fuschia ostrich paris-bombay.. what do u guys think? i love the color and the size!!! but fuschia is avery difficult color to match what i usually wear (khakis, white, black.. basic colors)
    tough decision.. what do u think?:shrugs:
  2. I have a fuschia bolide and it goes with soooo much! I love it - and love the PB bag...go for it!
  3. I have a fuchsia chevre kelly and it goes with everything, I really love this color, you should def. get it!!!
  4. OMG! A fuschia ostrich bombay is TDF!!! AMAZING! Get that bag girl, go go go!!!
  5. Get it get it get it get it!!!!!! :nuts:
  6. i love fuschia ostrich and the paris-bombay shape, so having those two sounds absolutely DIVINE!! you have to get it!! so i can see pictures of it!!!
  7. I ADORE 1. Paris Bombay 2. Fuchsia 3. Ostrich, so in my book that bag is a triple-threat!! Get it!
  8. How is a fuschia ostrich ANYTHING a tough decision?! Get it NOW!!

    Oh my goodness. Fuschia Ostrich is the dream leather of about half this forum, myself included. And the Paris-Bombay is fabulous. Snap it up before someone else does.
  9. get her. and you´ll be the first one in dubai sporting a fushia paris bombay that is for sure. go rock boudoir or trilogy with that beauty ;) :wlae:
  10. how much is it? My gut instinct says "get her," but if you have your heart set on a Birkin/Kelly and you don't have unlimited resources (as like me! :sad:), you may to save your money on a Birkin/Kelly
  11. Tell me about it. Fuschia ostrich is so beautiful in person. Go for it. What a great bag to get! I really like the Paris Bombay.
  12. :huh: do you have pictures? It sounds gorgeous!!
  13. Wow, I can't wait to see pictures of that one! I hope you decide to purchase it!
  14. Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it......We are GREAT enablers here!!!!

    Fuschia goes with more than you think,'ll see how beautiful it is with jeans, T's and Black & White. Sometimes you need something to spark it all up with.

    If this is not going to be your only Hermes bag in your lifetime.....GO GET THAT PUPPY!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!
  15. I'm jealous!!! Get it get it get it! Wah, I wish the store where I have the credit can get a fuchsia ostrich P-B bag or fuchsia ostrich Bolide. SOMETHING fuchsia ostrich in bag~

    Get it get it get it!