My fisrt Chloé has arrived!!!

  1. Hi girls,
    after a first bad experience I finally found my first Chloé, this time an authentic one!!!! :yahoo:
    I've been hunting for a whiskey paddington for months and now I finally got it :drool: I've been dreaming of that bag for months, and I fell in love with that colour when I saw it in the avatar of a fellow Pfer, chicky (BTW thank you for all your help and patience!!!)
    I am really afraid of taking her out, as we've been talking in another thread, but yesterday I took her for the first time and I really had a great time, I hope to take her out soon again, even if I was worried because I don't want the lock to scratch, the leather to get dirty, and so many etc :roflmfao:
    So here are some pics!! Hope you enjoy!
    Thanks to all for making this forum so great and helpful :smile:
  2. yay, congrats!!
  3. I cant see any pics but congrats on finally finding her!

    Woo hoo
  4. oops sorry I forgot the pics :sweatdrop:
    I also forgot to thank sunspark for this incredible bag, thank you so much for all your time and help!!! :yahoo:
    paddy 1.jpg paddy 2.jpg paddy 3.jpg paddy 4.jpg paddy 5.jpg
  5. Thank you so much girls!!!!!
    Sorry I always forget to post the pics :sweatdrop:
  6. CHOUPI97- WHERE'D YOU BUY HER? I WANT ONE TOO!!!! I"ve been looking all over for a whiskey paddington after seeing Chicbag's!!!!

  7. Congrats on finding your dream bag. She's a beauty!
  8. Congratulations, I have a whiskey too, for some reason the leather on these always looks so pebbly. I use mine alot and its been wet, no problems, its pretty tough.
  9. I found her on eBay, I had the chance that the seller was a sweet Pfer, a really good experience. I know it's difficult to find it, I've been waiting for months but from time to time someone pops up, I will keep an eye for you!!! :nuts:
  10. Thanks ReRe :smile: yes you're right the leather on these looks amazing, maybe it's because of the fact this is my first designer bag but I never saw a bag that had a leather kinda smooshy and pebly, even wihtout touching it it looks so nice, I've touched some other designer bags like Louis and the feeling is so different, when I first received her I was like :drool: I hope this is only my first one of a great coming collection :yahoo:
  11. :drool: Oh, it's a beauty...congrats!!!
    That's the perfect colour. Now I want one, too!!!
  12. Yes, congratulations. What a great color! I too had a bad first experience with two fake Chloe's. Now I'm awaiting my first Chloe authentic paddington. It should arrive on Monday. I hope I'm as happy with mine! Can't wait to get it.
  13. Sorry for the bad experiences, I understand very well.
    So great that you finally find your bag!!! :yahoo: I'm sure you will enjoy it a lot!
  14. Congrats, lovely bag!
  15. Enjoy your gorgeous find!