My Fish :) The Survivor!!!!

  1. I had to share my fish's survivior story cause hes just so special :smile: **I KNOW ITS A LONG STORY BUT ITS A NICE ONE HEHE THANKS FOR READING!!!!!

    I first got fish a few years back i had a couple and of course you are told when you get the fish to keep the tank clean change the h20 all this stuff,,, which i did for a while
    and then stopped!

    and for about 3 years my fish lived with me doing the bare minimum to the tank, just adding water when it needed it and some stress coat and feeding them :smile:

    Then one died and i had only one left :sad:
    i felt sorry for him so i decided i would get him some friends,,

    SOOO i went to the pet store and got 7 new friends for him!!! All tropical fresh water non agressive

    SOOOOO :smile: I took them home and was told to leave them in the bucket and slowly add h20 from my tank to get them in balance

    while they were in the bucket, one flopped out onto the floor!!!!! my ex picked him up by hit tail to throw him back in the bucket, and part of his tail tore off!!! :sad:

    i was so sad for him i was SURE he was going to die
    from trauma

    SO i put them all in the tank and it was great i was taking great care of the tank (unlike before)
    and then suddenly one morning one of them was dead
    :sad: i was SO sad but i knew there was a chance one or 2 would die

    BUT THEN every day a new one was dead,,, they looked like they were sort of bleeding from their gills
    so we were sure there was a disease in the tank and they were all done for, even my fish i had for 3 years died!!!!!

    SO NOW ITS DOWN TO ONE MY SURVIVOR FISH!!! The one who flopped out of the bucket and had his tail torn, HES THE ONE WHO LIVED THROUGH THE DISEASE AND IS MY ONE AND ONLY FISH WHO REMAINS!! And now i am back to doing the bare minimum to the tank and he is PERFECTLY healthy -i still add the stress coat and some powder to keep the PH in balance

    i just felt he deserved his own story as he is one strong fish!!!!!

    I call him Fishy Mc Fish Face ;)
    and thats my story!!! :smile: thanks for reading!:heart:

  2. Wow!!! That's one fighter fish! I'm so glad that he made it! Sometimes, you never know. I'm glad that you decided to give him the chance to fight for his life!
  3. Aww! That was a cute story. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes to Fishy Mc Fish Face! :p
  4. I love his name! lol
    I understand the hardships of a fish tank as I used to have a salt water tank. I read and read how to take care of it but never got the hang of it. Everything we put in it died except the original porcupine puffer "Puffy" Its sad losing fish...I killed my sea monkey's and cried. haha poor babies.
  5. aww :sad: im so sorry the sea monkeys died !! its sososo hard to care for fish like fancy fish in a big tank everyone thinks its easy, and maybe in a bowl it is but tanks forget it! :smile:

    fishy mc fish face says thankks for the support!
  6. Lovely story but sorry all the others died. Keeping fish can really be tricky, my son had an aquarium once & had the same disease i remember driving for 2.5 hours to get to a fish expert to try to save them.
  7. ^REALLY!!?!? did u ever find out what kind of disease it was??
  8. Aww! Sweet story! I had a big Goldfish and a little fish that you find in a ditch when I was little and I had to give him to my friend when I moved... well 5 years later we went to visit and can you believe that BOTH fish were still alive! (they were both 7 years old!) Everything else in the tank had died though :crybaby:
  9. Cute story - go survivor fish:yahoo:
  10. Great story..Thanks for sharing!:smile: I'm so sorry about your other fishies not surviving! :sad: Fishy McFishface is indeed a little survivor! I hope he lives a long happy healthy life! :heart: :smile:
  11. Fishy Mc Fish Face :roflmfao: :roflmfao: OMG that is a awesome name!!

    Sorry about your other fish but well done that survivor fish!