My Firsy Bag Sold!! Helped Needed

  1. Hi, Im sorry if this has been asked before but i cant find the search button:confused1:
    my first bag sold on eBay and the icon on my eBay ($ symbol) says it has been paid thru paypal
    but when i log into paypal, it says that there have been no payments sent:s
    im really worried and paypal isnt open till the morning. Has anyone ever encountered this? TIA for any help
  2. Did you get an email that states your buyer paid via Paypal???
  3. no
  4. What e-mail address did you have in your listing to have your payment sent to? Go into PP and make sure that e-mail address is in paypal.
  5. Are you referring to that little $ icon next to the shopping cart icon and the little package (box) icon? If so, you can use the little drop down box yourself and mark the item as paid or unpaid, shipped or not shipped etc and those little icons will either be lit or not. Those are for your personal use and you have complete control of them. Yes, it will normally "light up" once payment has been received, but if you didn't get a notice from Paypal via e-mail......and your paypal acct doesn't show any payments, I wouldn't worry about it. Did you send the buyer an invoice?
  6. yes this is what happened. i had a diffrent email address listed with paypal, i had 2 paypal accounts. i thought i had canceled the other but apparently not.
    but now ive found the funds and everything is ok! thanks so much for your help everyone:flowers:!
  7. Great news! I'm not sure if you're new to selling on eBay, but since it's a handbag make sure you send it insured and with signature confirmation for your protection!
  8. Thanks Lori! I'm definitely going to do that!

    ive sold before, not a bag, but was scammed..after along time and finding PF i thought id try it again.

    i happy bc i wrote no refunds and finally didnt get 101 crazy letters like i got last time. and now i'll just follow ur tips :yahoo:
    it was alot of fun selling and i dont want to let the jerks out there get the best of me