My First...

  1. Hi everyone, I am just so excited & I wanna share!...As I just bought myself my first Fendi spy bag.:yahoo: and I also got myself a belt too! I cant wait for it to arrive! Let me know what you think! :idea:

    Here are the pictures!
    jomashop_1956_14975069.jpg jomashop_1956_17177235.jpg
  2. I can't see the pics.....???
  3. definitely a stunner!
  4. I love that one!
  5. Thank you and I believe soon... I'll be a spy addict!!!
    I'm Loving it and soon when I have them in my arms, I'll share the pictures in details and I will love them more!!! Thank you!
  6. Love it!
  7. Yay that's great!! Make sure you post some modelling pics soon!!
  8. I was very tempted to get that spy of Jomashop. I know member pyrexia has it and it is beautiful. Can't wait to see pics soon!
  9. Great choices for your first Fendis...But ya know its hard to stop with just one spy bag.....:graucho:
  10. Hi baglady, I think I am aware as I see you ladies having more than one... and all of you have beautiful collection!
    And by the way, have a wonderful time in Fiji!
    I am so excited and anxious to see it! But its just got processed and I'll have to wait a week before it arrives here in Asia! :roflmfao:

    Hi Kavnadoo, why didn't you get it? Its waiting for someone to pick them up....:rolleyes:

    All right, everyone have a wonderful day ahead of you!
  11. congrats!!
  12. That is one HOT BAG!! tayina - where did you get this beauty???
  13. :tup:fabulous!
  14. Hi Jen, I got it from Go check it out, there are many more wonderful ones waiting to be picked up!:wlae:
  15. lol, guess maybe i lost an eBay sale introducing you to tPF and Jomashop, but I'm glad you've got the silver spy on the way! Watch out though or you will end up with a brood of 8 spys like me in no time