My First..

  1. Bandeau

    I kept thinking about the bandeau that socialite posted last week so much that I tracked it down and ordered it. Here is the Shantung Flower Bandeau in yellow. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make a pretty bow for my epi bowling montaigne.

    Here's two pics, please excuse that the pics are a little dark as I used my cell phone.


  2. congrats! it's so pretty! I know ever since seeing it in that other thread I also tried to locate one. I'm picking up a blue one at Ala Moana tomorrow!
  3. WOW....that is beautiful!! love the colors. can't wait to see it on your bowling. i can imagine how great that would look. if only i had one. dang.
  4. Congrats!! Its beautiful.
  5. Congrats, it is lovely!
  6. Wow congratulations it is lovely.
  7. Oh Jo, I think I like the color in yellow better. Gawd, makes me want to call the SA. No! Can't do it.
  8. very pretty!! congrats
  9. Pretty!:nuts: I've never seen these in the stores.
  10. Congrats that is so pretty --may I enquire the retail on it:yes:
  11. thanks everyone. i'm going to have to practicing with the bow. i got it for $140 in maui.
    It's my first bandeau so I don't know how much they usuall go for.
  12. I LOVE it!!! So many good looking colors!!! :nuts:
  13. dang...i need to move to hawaii!! i still am in love with this bandeau..i keep on coming back to look at it. :drool:
  14. stunning. simply stunning.
  15. It is so beautiful! Now I want one...