my first...

  1. This is the first time I am starting a thread on tpf.

    And I am very happy to share with everyone my new purchase.

    I walked into the shop with absolutely no intention of getting anything...

    Till I saw this... :nuts:

    Then on spot, I tried convincing myself for the longest time (a minute or so...) that I have too many monogrammed bags and I definitely need something subtle...or at least something black.
    And not just any black bag...

    This PRADA is subtle...though black...but the GOLD hardware details says otherwise...

    I just gotta to have it...especially when it is a FRAME bag...
    Something I have been wanting for ages!!!!

    So here... My first thread and my first Prada.

  2. WOW~!!! So cute!
    Welcome to the PF!! AND congrats on a FAB Prada bag!!!!!!!!
  3. It's adorable - I almost got the same bag in blue...but got the gauffe instead!

    Enjoy it!
  4. Love it!!! Congrats & welcome to the pf!!! Got a modeling pic?
  5. Here are the pics!

    I loving the bag MORE!!!

    Its bigger than it seems in the earlier pics I posted.




  6. Nice bag, you wear it well! And I love your patent leather shoes!
  7. Thank you Brina.

    I love my red patents too...
  8. Beautiful!!!You def wear it well..Congrats!!!
  9. Very pretty and it looks great on you
  10. What a great bag! I really love the shape of it.

  11. U rock this bag....looks fab!!!
  12. Very pretty!
  13. absolutely fab!!! it looks hot with the outfit as well!! great choice!:yahoo:
  14. Thank you ladies for your lovely compliments.