My first Zucca!!!

  1. I decided today that although I love my Lamore Porta, the Lamore print in the Bambinone I bought last week was too white and bright for me. I'm not a girly girl at all and it just didn't "fit" me, kwim? I decided I wanted something in Pirata instead...I was thinking Bambinone, or one of the mini bags.

    So, I returned my Lamore Bambinone to Macy's today, and browsed what little Pirata they had left. They had two Pirata Bambinones, both with multiple decapitated bodies and random feet.

    I got to the very back of the rack, feeling a little sad, and hiding back there was an absolutely gorgeous Pirata Zucca there that definitely wasn't there last week!!! It already had a sticker on the tag, so it must have been a return. Plastic was still on the Qee.

    Now, I know the Zucca for a lot of you girls is a purse, but it's tote bag size for me. I couldn't resist it in the end, though, because the placement was sooooo great for me. :heart:

    I checked my Nordstrom, too, which had TONS of Pitata and AS last week in all styles, and the the only Pirata they had left as of today was a Cucciolo, two Portas, and Braccialettos.

    Whee!!!!!!! :wlae:


    So I am the proud new owner of a Pirata Zucca!! I'll post pics in a little bit!
  2. Here's the front:


    ...and the back


  3. Oooooooooooh!! Shift the front juuuuuuuuuust slightly to the left, so the standing pirate is perfectly centered, and that is EXACTLY my perfect print placement!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  4. It's gorgeous, SB!! :tup::tup: Congrats!! The pirata print is my first tokidoki love! :love: Haha!
  5. wow congrats very pretty!! lucky you! :biggrin:
  6. It cracks me up how we're all so different with placement...I don't really like symmetry so I quite liked the fact that she wasn't perfectly centered. LOL

    I'm missing the little birdies on the girls' shoulders but I can live with that. :smile:

  7. Very placement is almost like yours too lol...just a lil different.
  8. verrry nice! congrats!
  9. So pretty! I adore the pirata zucca, I love mine to pieces! I have basically the same placement as you but shifted a littttllleee upwards!
  10. Great zucca, congrats! I just acquired a zucca myself and it is a little bigger than what I'm used to. It has grown on me though! Great placement btw, I love it =)
  11. Very nice! Congrats SisterBlue!:tup:
  12. Oooooohhh! Very pretty...I don't usually like pirata (or any of the prints with the sexy girls for that matter) but I REALLY like that zucca:drool:
  13. congrats on your new zucca! I wish my Macy's sold tokidoki :shrugs:
  14. congrats SisterBlue! :heart: pirata! you've got a really great placement! love the purple haired pirate with the eyepatch monkey on her shoulder!
  15. Thanks, everyone! I can't stop looking at it. I keep thinking "it's so big!" but I know I'll get used to it.

    And now that I've "downsized" my big fat huge wallet to a petite little Denaro!! :rolleyes: