my first Zucca ever.....*pics*

  1. Okay gals... so i am SUPER picky about symmetry on the zuccas and thus never found one that was *perfect* for me....until this one came along!!! It has equal Sandy's on each side of the front straps, very few "women" and has the ipod gal on the inner tube who i think is adorable... I love the "babies" so for me, it is perfect for me :smile: I got it for a really good deal so i couldn't pass it up! :yahoo:



    it's scotchguarded and ready for use!!! i can see why you guys love the zucca for a big bag...
  2. cute zucca!!!! congrats! love the placement!!!
  3. Congrats on your cute Spiaggia Zucca!!!

    My first Zucca was a Paradiso so I know that happy feeling
  4. Congrats!! The front of yours is almost the same as mine. Mine is just shifted a little to the right!! See??

    It's DEFINITELY one of my favorite tokidoki bags!!
  5. maya, OMG! yAy spiaggia zucca twins!~ separated at birth from the factory.. hahaha... i'm not use to carrying bigger bags but the zucca can fit SO much and still keep it's shape... ;)
  6. Yeah!! :tup:
  7. Moofia - Congrats on your 1st Zucca.:woohoo: With more Zuccas to come in the future hopefully.:graucho:
  8. Congrats on that Spiaggia Zucca, it's got fantastic placement!! :love: Welcome to the Zucca club! :welcome:

    Mine's similar but a little different. I've got the unicorn on both sides like you have Sandy on both sides!! I :heart: mine!!

  9. lovely! i was about to have the zucca in spiaggia, but my favorite parts got cut off so i sent it back for a bambinone :smile:
  10. How do you like the Bambinone?
  11. so lovely!
  12. Its very pretty! Congrats
  13. congrats :biggrin: hehe you even added a fish keychain :biggrin: cute!
  14. Congrats!!! It looks gorgeous! :tup: Hope you enjoy it. I'm loving my Spiaggia Zucca too!
  15. It's very symmetrical and so cute! Congrats! I didn't realize how the symmetry on the zucca can make it look so nice =)