My First Zoe - what a BEAUTY

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  1. Just returned from the outlet with my first Zoe - and she is a beatuy - here you go
  2. She's gorgeous! Congrats!!
  3. Angie
    THANKS - the plum is TDF - and the size is OMG great
  4. I checked the outlet closest to me on Wed to see if they had the Zoe in that color - I would have totally snagged it! I haven't seen it IRL but it looks soooo pretty!
  5. Which size is she?
  6. Were they addl 30% off of 229.00 price???

  7. She is the large - 259 less 30% :biggrin:
  8. yes but I got the large so it si 259 less 30%
  9. So it was addl 30% off on Zoe. I was just at outlet last nite. I thought they did floorset and price adj on Thursdays? Odd. Figures tho. LOL
  10. The bags are 30% today because I called to the outlet about the wallets. The Zoe zip around wallets are on sale for 20% off.
  11. I saw a bunch of Zoe zip arounds wallets last nite too. They were in 50% off area in my outlet. Does that mean they are actually then 70% off? If so, i may have to go back tomm. LOL
  12. She is a beauty!
  13. looove it!!!!! yay
  14. Very pretty, lovely shade too!
  15. Thanks for the info about the addl 30% ! I was just at my outlet, I guess they just changed it. Congrats on your new bag- I LOVE that color.