My First ZC!

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  1. I went by NM last night knowing that location didn't have any colors I wanted, but hoping to be inspired anyway. (I wasn't.) I had forgotten they had built a Bloomies across the street so I went in and saw a Merlot ZC and it was calling my name. I had wanted suede lining with silver h/w, but was still drawn to this one. My new favorite MJ SA was very generous with discounts and gave me 15% off and then stacked four of the $25 off coupons so it came down to $235.:wlae: I also got three $15 EGCs and a $100 EGC for clothing -- it was my lucky shopping night.

    There wasn't a dustbag inside (oops!), and when I go back and get that I'm considering getting the matching key pouch with my EGCs.

    I'll try and post pics soon of the ZC and the other bags I've gotten recently with the authentication help of the amazing TPF experts. Thanks, everyone!:heart:
  2. What a terrific deal you got!! That's a very nice SA to help you get all of those discounts. Congrats zuzu! I can't wait to see pics...Merlot sounds like an amazing color and I'd love to see it in a ZC. Way to go!!!:woohoo:
  3. I always forget about the new Bloomingdales! The Merlot sounds yummy. I'm debating getting a black calf ZC as my first, but am not sure if it's too basic. Anyway, can't wait to see your collection!
  4. zuzu!!! That's an amazing deal!! Congrats!!! YAY! Can't wait to see pics!
  5. OOhhhh!
  6. That's awesome! Good for you!
  7. Great deal! Can't wait to see the pics!
  8. Yay! i just got my first ZC too! usually the dept stores keep the dustbags separate and are supposed to include one with your sale. It sounds like you have a good relationship w/ the SA> Why not go back and mention they forgot one. im sure theyll give you one :tup:
  9. Congrats! I love mine
  10. Thanks, everyone!

    I went back today to get the dustbag and somehow the key pouch just jumped in my bag. :shrugs: I was able to use my EGCs so I'm pretty happy about the savings.

    surlygirl, I hadn't been in that Bloomies before, but it's a great one. Pretty high end. They also have a fantastic Jo Malone section, much better than any of our Saks or NMs in the area. I don't think you can ever go wrong with black. Montgomery Mall Nordstom had two in stock the other day with gold h/w and NM/DC can order black for you in calf or patent and still get you give you the promo deal.