My First YSL!!

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  1. So excited to finally own this beauty! :heart:
    I have been wanting this bag for the longest time now and I have finally taken the plunge when they released this Burgundy colour!!
    Plus I scored a pretty great deal by purchasing it in Heathrow :smile:

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  2. It's gorgeous! I love the rich colour. Perfect for autumn/winter.
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  3. It’s gorgeous! It’s such a classic it will never go out of style. Is it large WOC?
  4. Thank you! Yes it is the larger style WOC that has two compartments and 20 card slots!
  5. That color is FAB!! So rich and saturated. Enjoy!!!
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  6. Beautiful! Is the chain on this size WOC long enough to wear crossbody?
  7. beautiful color!! congrats! I have it in bright red and I wear it so much!
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  8. So nice!! I am keeping my eyes on this baby also. How much did you get it in Heathrow? And in which terminal?
  9. I couldn’t pull it off crossbody. I’m 5’10 and thin but It was too short for my taste and didn’t sit comfortably on me when I tried it on in the store a few days ago. Shoulder wise it looked great! I guess it all depends on your height/build etc.
  10. Thanks! This is helpful info!
  11. Yes definitely! I am 5'8 so I like it so I can go hands free. However, because its quite a rigid bag I like to pull it completely to the front whilst wearing it crossbody or at the back if that makes sense.
  12. Terminal 4! It was 885 pounds! Hopefully you purchase one soon! :heart: You won't regret it !
  13. Totally makes sense! Thanks!