My first YSL!

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  1. 6C539E42-E96B-432B-87D4-740E6F1CE37E.jpeg
    In Milan, and just purchased my first YSL bag! I went into a store and was wondering if they had the bag in nude. I originally wanted the pink but didn’t see any online, but I decided to ask if pink was available too. (I really didn’t think they’d have it) And low and behold, I got the pink! It’s such a good price considering how big it is. I don’t even know the exact name of this bag, I just know it’s the bigger woc.
  2. That color is GORGEOUS!! It will look fab in every season. It was meant to be yours. Enjoy it!!!
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  3. I love it!
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  4. Congratulations it’s such a beautiful colour and looks stunning with the gold hardware. It is the YSL Large Envelope WOC in Chevron Quilt. I have it in black/silver and absolutely love it. I hope you love yours too.
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  5. Thank you ❤️❤️
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  6. Thank you! It’s literally the pink of my dreams
  7. I just got the black version of this with black hardware. Literally in love. Congrats on yours!
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  8. Didn’t even know the hardware came in colors other than gold or silver until recently! I walked by a store in Venice and I’m pretty sure I saw one with rose gold hardware(unless the lighting was playing tricks on me). Congrats on your new bag! Hope you love yours too ❤️
  9. Where did you get this from? My sister has been looking for this bag (PINK GHW )but it’s not available in our country , they only have it in SHW.
  10. Congrats! Beautiful color
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  11. The YSL in La Rinascente in Milan