My first YSL reveal

  1. I have always loved the easy but didn't know what color to get. After the sale frenzy, I was able to locate an anthra mini easy, it was a phone order.

    However when it arrived, the color wasn't anthra, it was brown. At first, I didn't like it cos' I am not a brown person. it's starting to grow on me now, what do you think?? I couldn't be bothered to return it since the price is pretty good.
    image-1837804420.jpg image-1957486283.jpg
  2. I'm loving all these easy reveals! I love it, keep it!
  3. Beautiful I love it especially in the large grain leather!!! And the color is beautiful as well��
  4. I love it!! :hbeat: Keep it!
  5. the colour is actually very versatile, you will find that it matches everything !!! love it, I would keep it
  6. I have done the same thing. Had no idea that they called a brown "grey"... Ended up returning it. Now I'm enjoying my medium black easy with no doubts in my mind. Once a black YSL, always a black YSL ;)
  7. kobe939 LOVE the Easy. I've been eyeing the style for forever but can't decide on color/leather.