My first YSL, help identifying the bag?

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  1. It's my first YSL bag! I've been on a bag ban since starting pharmacy school but I couldn't resist the price on this one.

    Any type of information would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you, Amy

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  2. Congrats, its a multi!

    Enjoy in good health!
  3. It's a multy(i). I have one in white. Where did you get it from and is that the price I see? Great deal.
  4. Thank Aluxe and Llogie, I got it from a discount Nordstrom store for $174.97. You can kind of see the Longchamp bag I got in the background for $40. Lots of people to compare it to a high end thrift shop bc its so messy and a lot of the merchandise is returns from the Nordstrom stores (i.e worn and used stuff). Customers are super aggressive since most shopper are resellers but every now and then you'll find gems like this one. Not everything is this cheap either, there are lots of beat up Chloe bags with the handles ripped off :cry: still priced at $500.

    Its not perfect though, part of the leather in the corner about the size of my palm is slightly hardened, not sure from what.

    Has this happened to anyone's bag?
  5. I have nothing to contribute. I spy Daniel Henney. That is all.
  6. OK, this is insane, you got this bag for that money ???? Amazing !!!!

    here is a thread on reference library about it, such an amazing bag...WOW Congrats :biggrin: