My first YSL ever!! the Rive Gauche Large Tote in black~

  1. hello, i'm new to the YSL subforum although i've been lurking around asking questions about the RG during the past few weeks.

    i'm so happy to announce the receipt of my first ever YSL bag TODAY during lunch time!! i went home to check on my mails and much to my surprise the package from NM has landed at my door and i only placed the order on 10/11! (i used expedited shipping) i'm very impressed with NM's logistic efficiency and luckily i was not charged duties on this item! ;)

    it is the large size in black, and i love LoVe LOVE it!!!! :heart: i took it out for inspection and it appears to be in perfect condition, i will do some closer check when i get home tonight and try to post pics~

    i was really unsure due to the price, but i'm glad i went for it. this bag was retailing for USD2,000 here in Taiwan and had a price increase of $100 on 10/15, and i got it for $1,495 on NM, not a bad deal, no?

    just wanted to share my happiness with you guys. :wlae:
  2. Congratulations! Rive Gauche is such a great bag. Post some pics please.
  3. Congrats!
    Yes, pictures please :p
  4. :woohoo:Congratulations!
  5. congrats!! the rg is a great, timeless bag...
  6. congrats!!!
  7. Love the Rive Gauche! Congrats. :drinkup:
  8. congrats! can't wait to see the pics! love the rive gauche!
  9. The Rive Gauche is a gorgeous bag, congratulations on your purchase! I'm also excited to see some pics!
  10. here she is~ my beloved "little black"~~:yahoo:

    she is sooo beautiful!!!

    i only started using it last night, took her out for a spin around the mall then took her with me to work this morning. she has received so many compliments, YAY~!!!

    the leather is so very soft!! :heart:

    sorry for the crappy photos, i took them with my cell phone. and now i really admire ms piggy for her impeccable personal style AND her photography skills, she did such a great job with her RG and cell phone pics! :tup: hehe.
    DSC00144.JPG DSC00145.JPG
  11. Hey S, many congrats on your RG. Yay, we are black RG twins! :wlae:I've been using mine lately and not only does it look very good, its totally functionable and so easy to wear. It holds a lot so I could even carry documents (A4 size). Fabulous! :heart:
  12. And oh, some action pics would be nice! ;)
  13. Oh it's beautiful! Congrats to you!
  14. Very nice! Congrats!
  15. Wow! That is truly yummy! I came on this site originally as I have Mulberrys, I then got a new bag YSL Downtown satchel in white pebbled nappa leather,I got a fab deal on minebut still felt very uneasy buying it without my hubby with me and spending all that money(the price helped tho!!) While I was with the SA he showed me your bag (amongst lots of others)in a sort of dark charcoal grey,sooooooo made me wish I was back at work and I could spend the money and be guilt free!!!! I have to say thats now very high on my list in black as I don't have a black bag,and you have to have a black bag to complement other parts of your wardrobe,right???? Hahahahaha! Thats my jutification!!!! You have got an absolutely adorable bag!!!! Congratulations!!!