My First YSL :D


little gouda
Oct 12, 2008
So I took the plunge finally after obsessing over this bag for 6 months. It's also a spectacular way to come out of a 40 day long self-imposed tPF ban for Lent.

Backtrack to Fall 08, I was in line for my commute home when I saw the most perfect bag on a woman's shoulder. It was elegant, had clean lines and was really classy. It wasn't until the next morning when I asked my friend (a.k.a. my purse guru) what it was. After some fervent googling I fell hard for that bag, the YSL muse.

I had originally wanted it in a cognac/whiskey brown but my infatuation with gray made me realize that it was the large road-gray Riz de Grain muse I really wanted.

Fast forward to today. Didn't know what compelled me to call YSL Woodbury, but I did and the loveliest SA Michelle let me know that they were doing an extra 15% off just for this weekend through Monday (I'll put what they have up in the sales sticky in a bit). A couple questions later, she had me calling YSL Cabazon for the medium multicolor muse II.

Long story short, I now have a medium multicolor muse II AND a large road-gray Riz de Grain muse coming my way.


I really hope the semi impulse buy of the muse II will be worth it because I know I will love my road-gray muse to pieces!