My first YSL bags

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  1. This season, I bought the following YSL bags in one go. They are:

    1. Downtown in gold;
    2. Downtown in black deer;
    3. Raspil in black patent;
    4. Tanger tote in olive;
    5. London in navy blue; and
    6. Roger in black.

    They are all gorgeous!
  2. Wow, what a haul! Definately post some pics!
  3. Wow! I'm not familiar with the Tanger and the Roger. Could you post pics, please?
  4. This is Tanger.

    Attached Files:

  5. This is Roger.

    Attached Files:

  6. For the new fall season, I am most interested in buy (a) Besace or (b) Easy. Which one do you think best?
  7. I'd love to see pics of all your new YSL bags! :tup:

    I'd lean more towards the Besace, but it would be good to see all of your bags together to get a feel for which one would fill more of a hole in your collection.
  8. wow! 6 purchases!!!! pics pls:biggrin:
  9. congratulations!
  10. congrats! would love to see a group pic! :yes:
  11. Would love pics when you have the chance! What an awesome haul!
  12. Nice collection!
  13. Here are my family members. I love them all!

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  14. which one do you think I should buy, Besace or Easy bag?
  15. Gorgeous collection, I love the variety! I personally would say go with the Besace. Your bags are all open on top and you only have one (the Roger) with a long strap, so the Besace would add a flap bag into your mix and give you another one with a long strap that you could wear messenger style.