***My First YSL and I LOVE it!!!!***Come seeee

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  1. Hello All! Yesterday I spent the day on Rodeo Dr. with my best friend, just hanging out and doing some shopping at Gucci and Hermes. I have always loved YSL but never really owned anything...Well I decided to go into YSL to see what they had and in the back I saw this bag and completely fell in love with it! Then on top of that it was on sale and I couldnt believe it! I am so happy and thrilled with this bag, as a guy Ilove it cause it is large and masculine:yahoo: It is going to be a great work bag for me as well as a short weekend tote! I just wanted to share it with you all YSL tpfers! :tup:

    It is the Downtown Carry On in Grey Flannel:yes:

  2. [​IMG]


  3. ^Cool bag NateLouis! Congrats on your first YSL. That'll be perfect for work or weekend getaways. :tup:
  4. Thanks so much Cosmopolitan! Cant wait to work that bag now! ;)
  5. I Love your flannel downtown!!
    I think I will be seeing more of you here at YSL as well as in LV forum !!
  6. Absolutely Bliss, Im all for YSL now:tup: Thanks for your comments!
  7. Gorgeous!! Is that a watermark on the pic, or did you have it monogramed with your name?

    Very very cool bag. Enjoy!!
  8. fabulous bag! wow.....just love it! maybe i need to find it! ENJOY!
  9. Thank you very much! It is actually my watermark but I forgot to put it on all the other pics lol, It would be awesome if it was a monogram :yes:
  10. Oh Yes Find one! :yes: I LOVE it, I cant wait to use it this week! Thanks so much!
  11. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  12. I just pulled it out of the box Renhino to look at it and I did the same thing all over again! lol
  13. I fell in love with the bag too!! I am so glad you bought it. Looks like we are venturing into YSL now huh!!! Work that bag!
  14. YSL all the way girl! You know it! Your turn next!:okay:
  15. It's so beautiful and you're right, it is very masculine, too. I love it and it will be perfect for work or travel!