My first Y-mail wallet

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  1. I've always thought the y-mail things were so cute......i'm so glad they had the sale at the outlet and here's what i got :yahoo:

    [​IMG] By mayen120, shot with DSC-W170 at 2009-07-08
  2. Gorgeous! Did they have zip wallets as well??
  3. I am in loveee! :heart:

    I really like this! If you don't mind me asking; where can you purchase this (other then the outlet)? And how much would a wallet like this go for? (I am a newbie to YSL)
  4. You can purchase it on YSL's online boutique.

    They're all in the $400s.

    How much did you get it for at the outlet?
  5. it was 297, w/CA tax and shipping
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    I like that very much! :] I want to get a Y-Mail piece for my best friend, but now that I see yours... hehe. I'm only thinking of myself. :P

    Do you mind giving me the outlet's phone number? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info! Deff on my list of "gets" :smile:, oh and also could you share some inside pics?? Thankya!
  8. lovely color! i love the y-mail line!
  9. What does the inside look like?

    Did they have black ??
  10. amazing color, I LOVE y-mail, such a nice tribute to Yves...cheers, Vesna
  11. what i really like about the wallet is the double can hold tons of cards




  12. Cute!
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