My first WTM Midi is here in Petrol Pebbled!

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  1. I got a box from BE today...and I knew it was my WTM midi from the petol pebbled bespoke...

    I honestly did not know what to expect...I was concerned as the swatches we had seen during the bespoke process seemed different depending on who was taking the picture, and I joined the bespoke without a swatch...and I had yet to try the WTM style and was a tad unsure...

    I can honestly say I am BEYOND thrilled with this bag!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    The leather is gorgeous!!! True blue, not too dark...just perfect! I chose a light blue lining which looks spectacular with this leather IMO! And I adore this style! I love the 3 options you have to carry it (hand held or arm with the two shorter handles, shoulder with the shorter shoulder strap, or messenger style with the messenger strap) and the size seems perfect...

    So here she new BE beauty! Excuse that they are taken in the car...I am going out tonight and could not wait to reveal, so I went to my car at lunch!

  2. oh very nice! the style and leather work very well together! Congrats!
  3. This bespoke qualified for the free AP so here is the bag and the matching AP, which has fuschia lining in it...


    And those BE details I have come to love...

    The tags...

    The tassles...
  4. You take wonderful photos. I love the way you have captured the colour and texture.

    ..........bag is great too!
  5. Beautiful... i am still kicking myself for not having joined this bespoke... Such a pretty yet useful bag! Enjoooy!
  6. Thank you!!! But honestly...the bag talks for itself...I took these in a parking lot in my not the best situation for taking pictures, although there was natural day light...the leather is just that nice!
  7. Thank you!! I wish you had been a part of the is a gorgeous bag...I love this leather!
  8. Beautiful! The color is gorgeous (especially with silver hardware) and the leather looks scrumptious...and the AP is adorable! I think the light blue lining is my absolute favorite. Enjoy!
  9. Your pics are gorgeous, Odebdo. I got mine today too. And LOVED it. Your light blue lining is so pretty. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting that light blue. I was afraid light blue would show marks/dirt too easily so I went with fuchsia instead.
  10. Totally GORGEOUS!! Congrats on this beauty.
  11. I'm kicking myself, too...

    This is so gorgeous! The petrol pebbled is perfect in this style and I love the matching AP!
  12. talk about perfection! the style + the leather + the lining + silver HW + the AP = a very green rainydaze! :greengrin: enjoy, it is just beautiful!
  13. <<hands on hips, tapping foot>> When will MINE get here? :wondering

    Odeb -- so glad you're in love with your new bag! It is gorgeous! I tracked mine today and RM says the package has been handed off to maybe tomorrow?

    Enjoy your new beauty!
  14. THE WTM Midi takes on a whole new look in pebbled leather. It looks FABULOUS!!!!
  15. You're midi is beyond stunning, thanks for the gorgeous pics.!