~*~My first...well, actually second Chloe.~*~ Large Nut Marcie

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  1. So this is my first Chloe handbag, but actually my second Chloe as my daughter shares this beautiful name. :smile: I stumbled across this gorgeous Lg. Nut Marcie and after seeing a few others mod pics of the Marcie and going back and forth since the bag came out, I decided this was a must have for me! The leather is thick, yet very soft, pliable and smooshy. Nut is a gorgeous neutral that I think will wear well year round. So with further adieu, here she is Ms. Nut Marcie. I snapped a few mod pics too for reference I am 5'6". I live in FL and mostly reside in casual wear and flip flops, so hoping my wardrobe isn't too casual for this beauty!





  2. wow :nuts: congratulations!! that is one gorgeous marcie!
  3. Congrats! its a beautiful colour, you wear her really well! i have been using my marcie since i have got her. i just love how smooshy the bag is especially when you put it on the ground and it just melts into a puddle of leather
  4. Congratulations, beautiful bag, nut is a great color. You wear her well.

    I, too, live in FL, have a Marcie hobo in Cocoa and large Marcie in Ash. I carry mine more than any other bag, especially the hobo, so it's a great FL bag!! The Marcie can be dressed up or down.
    I'm tempted to buy a third in a lighter color.:graucho:
  5. gorgeous! congrats! :smile: does your bag have unsealed edges?
  6. That is stunning! It looks perfect on you!
  7. carpedium- Thank you!

    pekie- You are so right, it is a total puddle!! I had a hard time 'straightening' the bag just to photograph it! :smile:

    llson- Thank you. Glad to hear there's another Floridian rockin' a Chloe! I agree that I can easily see this bag dressed up or down, very versatile!! I'd love to try the hobo as well. Hope I can add a more colorful Marcie down the road.

    binky- Thanks & yes, the edges are unsealed. I am not an expert on Chloe, but I was told this is a first generation Marcie, hence the unsealed edges which I kinda preferred.

    Addy- Many thanks for your kind words! :flowers:
  8. Scoobie, I absolutely love, love, love your Nut Marcie!!! I think it works as a casual but also work appropriate bag.

    Is the color in your pics pretty true to life? Nut looks like an awesome neutral. Definitely could use it year round. And what do you think about the Chloe leather? Isn't it amazing?
    Congrats and enjoy your beautiful, new bag!!!
  9. :flowers: Thanks naza! You definitely were instrumental in helping me go for this beauty!! I would say that the color in my pics is pretty true to life. I posted the pics without flash as those with seemed to wash out the color. It's def the perfect neutral! I love the style and leather! I think the Marcie is such a versatile bag in so many ways! The leather is wonderful too! I like that it seems like it will withstand so much more than my Bals and I won't have to be quite so worry some with it.
  10. The size and colour suit you so well!
  11. Your bag looks stunning Scoobiesmama - congrats, you've got a real winner there. I wouldn't give the issue about your wardrobe being too casual for the bag a further thought - as your modelling pics demonstrate, Marcie looks like she was made for you.

    I'm a fellow Nut Marcie owner ( medium size braided version with long strap)and am also habitually in casual clothes. I've worn my Marcie no-stop since I bought her and love the way it looks with jeans etc. The colour goes with pretty much anything and the style is really adaptable ( not to mention comfortable & practical too). Wish mine had the contrasting handles like yours - that's a gorgeous feature. Wear your Marcie in good health & enjoy !
  12. I honestly think this leather is going to improve with age. The more I look at your pics, the more I love the Nut color! And it is perfect for your lifestyle too!
  13. Yes, that's how it was when it first came out. The Marcie in the magazine ads have unsealed edges. I don't know when they started sealing the edges. I think both sealed and unsealed look good :smile:
  14. Stunning Marcie - really suits you from your modelling pics :smile:
  15. ^^
    Thank you, steph22!
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