My first weekender has arrived in sandstone

  1. Hi, guys. I just got my very first weekender :yahoo: I hope I use it as much as my others.
    kaitlyns camera 159.jpg
  2. Omg! I was on the waitlist forever that I finally cracked and got a Sandstone Work. Was this from Bal NY?

    Sandstone is one of my favorite Bal colors.
    Pure Gorgeousness!:yahoo:
  3. AAAHH! So gorgeous!
    Model it for us please!!!
  4. Great color - and I love the style! Please - photos!!!!
  5. Gorgeous.
  6. Congrats:yahoo: Some day i am going to give the Weekender a try.;)

  7. [​IMG]

    Wow...she's a beauty...the sandstone color is stunning.....:yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. Nice color Gorgeous.?
  9. I LOVE IT! I can't wait to see modeling pics! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  10. Congrats!! Sandstone is such an amazing colour!! :love:

    And such a fabulous style to show off the colour too!
  11. love it! such a lovely neutral...
  12. Gorgeous!!!!!! Love the sandstone. I had a moment of craziness this afternoon in my car (with my sandstone parttime sitting next to me) where I actually considered buying a work, day, giant brief, and courier in it. It didn't help that it look perfect with what I was wearing today. I'm trying to keep a level head about it, but its really hard.

    Maybe if I had gotten it in a weekender, the miles and miles of milky, creamy caramel would satisfy my craving for more.
  13. Lol! Would it be kinda crazy for me to buy a Sanstone Weekender eventhough I have a Sandstone Work, I just love the color so much.
  14. I know exactly what you mean!! I have a part-time and I really want a first, day and weekender too.

    I really love this color too!!!

    Are we the only ones :p :p ?
  15. Not at all. I would completely understand. :graucho:

    Oh, and I have to say. The pics of your work do not help my situation any. I mean, if I got a second sandstone, it would definitely be a day because that's the style of bag I use the most. But, it looks so gorgeously sophisticated in the work that I stomach hurts just thinking about it. I keep telling myself that the work has to be sold out everywhere, so I can't possibly get one anyway.