My first Weekender (4 Men)...

  1. Last Tuesday, I was in Paris (France) for attending the show of Rufus Wainwright at the Olympia Hall - he sung the famous 1961 concert that Judy Garland performed at Carnegie Hall.

    On Wednesday, I was in the mood for buying me a new bag...I went at Prada (nothing here), then at YSL pour Hommes on the same rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and looked at the Muse for Men :yahoo: (beautiful - different versions), the Tanger :nuts: (already on my wish list !), then Gucci on the avenue Montaigne (nothing caught my eyes) and straight to Balenciaga, on the avenue Georges V since my messenger bag was on repair for several months and ready to take.

    Alas, my messenger bag had some problem on the leather the staff did not it's back to Italy for another 3 months ?! :cursing:

    So, I asked to see the Weekender for men and the guy showed me this beautiful bag in 4 colors : white, black, brown and more blue ! So I made up my mind and purchased the black...a classic color. What do you think ?

    Wanna see pics ? :rolleyes:
  2. OMG!!!! please do.... i want to see ANY weekender!
    byw, do u have the women's WE? i'm very interested in seeing the handle's difference :yes:
  3. Yes please do show us your WE!

    Black is definately a classic colour!
  4. Wow! I'd love to see what the men's Black WE looks like. So, are you gonna show us, or what?
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. You know it's mean to play games with people's emotions :p
  7. yes i wanna see pics!!!
  8. Yes please!
  9. Please!!!
  10. I just saw some tumbleweed roll across the screen...

    Belcanto... are you thereeeee?
  11. Yay for black weekender:heart: You have incredible taste:p
  12. LOL!

    Now I am just annoyed -- I am not a patient person.......:yes:

  13. yes please!
  14. Noone is patient when it comes to Balenciaga :lol:

    The suspense is killing me... literally...
  15. Oh yes, pics please! Do you know this is one of my dream bags? I can't make up my mind between the black men's weekende and another city. I have a credit in B Paris rue Georges V, is that where you bought it? I didn't notice there was also a men's shop there, I thought the 2 shops were somehow commected and were both women...