My first week back to work!!

  1. Hey all!

    Just wanted to share with you a little bit about my new job and how things are going. :tup:

    I can't tell you how great it feels to be back at work. As many of you know it has been a hard summer with lots of changes (end of a relationship + end of job), both of which are huge parts of my life and self esteem.

    Without getting overly specific, I am a Senior Project Manager in the Business Operations group of a global company which is headquartered here in the Seattle area.

    I had a few first day jitters but overall I have had nothing but a calming vibe ever since I first set foot on the grounds for my first interview. It just feels good. This is a great spot for me.

    What's the plot twist? Well, it turns out in the month between getting my offer and starting the job on Tuesday, my boss got an amazing offer he couldn't refuse and resigned...his last week was my first week so we only got to work together all of 4 days! So, right away I'm jumping into a big ol' transition! He had been at the company a long time and was very well respected.

    So, what did I do when I got this news? I immediately gobbled up his calendar time having him work with me more intensely on knowledge sharing, tips, advice, etc. AND since my group is in a bldg next door to our big HQ I had him walk me over there and take me on a whirlwind meet & greet to get me introduced to as many people as he could. I probably shook 60 hands in that first round! Getting rapport and relationships built is the grease that gets work done, don't you think? :yes:

    Anyway, now that he is gone there is going to be more opportunity to take on a few things he was doing, which actually gives me more visibility with senior execs. I'm no brownnoser obviously, but I don't mind the occasional bright spotlight on my work.

    I want to thank all of you for all your support these past few months. Lots of drama, tears...I probably cranked out about 3000+ posts in just these past 3 months alone! You guys mean the world to me...thank you thank you thank you :yahoo:!!

    Oh and PS...what bag did I carry on day 1? Black leather Coach Ali. :heart:
  2. So glad to hear it is going well!!!!!! Congrats on week 1!!!!

    you have tons of support here, always will! :heart:

  3. yey! glad everythings turning out good.
  4. You rock! I knew they would love you -- congrats, it sounds as if you've found a wonderful place to be. Great job!
  5. That is great news.....are you treating yourself to a new handbag w/ your first official paycheck?

  6. LOL oh yes I've got my eye on a few things but I'm going to be (horrors!) practical and start replenishing savings I dipped into :tup:. That is all subject to change down the road, of course :graucho:.

  7. Glad to hear your first week went well that's always the hardest so it can only get even better for you now!
  8. Congrats! I am so glad it's going well. It's hard that the boss is gone, but like you said, what a way for you to shine...and I am sure you will :smile:
  9. Yay! Glad your job is going well. Congrats on a good first week! :flowers:
  10. Congrats!
    So glad to hear you had a very good week! Thanks for keeping us posted!
  11. OMG your first week sounds exciting! I am glad it started so well and I am sure it will only get better!! Good luck!

  12. That is so "adult" of you!!!! I know what you mean though....I was on a purse ban all summer so I could build up the savings account.....I think it's a good plan. Please share you "wishlist" with us!!!

  13. Congrats sweetie!!!! I'm so glad things are going good...I know how much this job means to you!
  14. Yay - so pleased to hear that you've had a wonderful start.
  15. Yes! good for you!