My first wallet

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  1. I went down to the outlet here in CT just to have a look around. I have always wanted a Coach wallet, but Never wanter to part with the $$ it would take to buy one. They had this wallet for $79.99, so I bought it!

    My purse is so much lighter now that I'm carrying this wallet, and I love that. It will take some time getting used to getting my money out, but that's ok. I think I got a great deal!

    I forgot to add that I got the black with the blue leather inside, I just love it :smile:
  2. Wow - great deal! Congrats on your first Coach wallet. Its so nice to pull something like that out of your bag - makes you want to shop even more!!
  3. wow that's a steal! :nuts: Our outlets just had those same wallets for $135!!!! You got a great deal girl! :okay:
  4. Wow what a steal! Congrats!
  5. what a cute wallet did you get it in red ? Great deal !
  6. Congrats, very cute wallet and a great price!
  7. amazing deal! and cute wallet!
  8. You went to Clinton Crossing? That's the one I go to also, but its been a while since my last visit. What a great price!! Congrats on your first wallet!
  9. i just saw those at my outlet- in wrentham, ma!!! great deal!
  10. What a super price! Congrats on the wallet!
  11. wow thats really cheap I am jealous .. what color did you get? I want an outlet store out here wahhh
  12. Great deal. I want an outlet too!
  13. Wow, what a bargain, congrats!! I love the black with the blue inside, that is next on my wallet hunt. :smile:

  14. Congratulations! It's so nice to have a great piece inside your bag :smile: You got a raging deal too!!!!!!
  15. congrat's..