My First Visit to the to Shepton Mallet this week

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  1. I am sooooooo excited, :Presents off to my very first Mulberry Outlet experience on Thursday

    Cant wait, just one more day of work :biggrin:

    I managed to talk Hubby into a weekend away in Somerset for our Wedding Anniversary and it didn't really take that much persuasion.:hugs: I am usually a little more extravagant but no five star hotel or flying off to exotic lands..................just Somerset with the waterproofs :P

    Hubby is quite chuffed and thinks he's got away quite lightly. :smooch: He still hasn't quite sussed out what's at Shepton Mallet even though I am busy packing handbags in need of repair :winkiss:

    So how do you all go about remember stock to post on Outlet shopping thread? Shall I take a note book and write it all down. I could dictate to my phone, is this what everyone does or will they think I am a bit :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  2. Haha I can feel your excitement. I went in the summer and I tried to remember them all, when you've been in there two hours it's quite easy :nuts: In the sale in HOF I asked them to write them down, you could try this tactic.....:woot: Have a great time :biggrin:
  3. Ha ha! How devious/genius of you! Hope you find something wonderful and do a reveal for us all... Have a wonderful holiday and anniversary :lol:
  4. Two hours, thats sounds heaven :yahoo:What do I do wit DH all that time , he's not th worlds best shopper:lolots:
  5. There's a teeny weeny coffee shop there. Tell him to take his Ipad or a newspaper, tell him you will cook his favourite meal :P;):P
  6. Mulberrygal - there are also other shops (and an eatery I believe) in Kilver Court complex next door - plenty to do aside from Mulberry - but I feel you may loiter for quite a while in the latter - so, as DP helpfully pointed out, get hubby ensconced with coffee, cake and paper and away you go.....;):graucho:.
  7. Oh this sounds fab cant wait to see what you come back with.;)
    Def write it down would love to see what im missing.:cool:
    Happy Anniversary mulberrygal sounds like a good one.:graucho:
  8. Ooh! That sounds sooo exciting - and almost certainly lethal on the bank balance! Mind you, if hubby is sanctioning your visit you almost have licence to shop!! I have yet to get to an outlet store - I may try one next week but they're all close to a couple of hours' drive from me. I'm a bit afraid of the red haze descending over my eyes and a rush of absolute madness getting the better of me when I'm confronted with an adult equivalent of a sweetie shop! Enjoy!! And let us know what you buy (or what you managed to leave for "next time"!)
  9. OMG :yahoo::faint::choochoo:Heaven down here...................spent hours in the shop :rolleyes:

    Hubby :smooch: has been amazing, the manager was sooooo impressed he came in and actually looked at the bags. She said hubby's usually stay in the car with the engine running and stopwatch on. He thought the loveliest one was the Ostrich Bays :amazed: what is he on ........................he even saw the price tag.:whistle:

    Finally he gave up and went to the car Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :shucks::rolleyes:
    So so many :drool: :cray: gorgeous bags just dont know what to choose, :help:dont know how to decide.......and now its :rain: so nothing else to do but go back and shop

  10. Haha so glad you're having fun and that hubby is getting involved. I daren't take my bf in and I try and keep him away from the price tags!
    What's caught your eye?
  11. Ooh I'm so so jealous! Was there a queue of ppl waiting for the doors to open? I seriously need to make this trip!
  12. oooh I am jealous too. But just got myself a little fix. The harrods 10% discount is already working for cardholders!
  13. Ooh CP! Spill spill!! :graucho:
  14. just a little SLG.........:P
  15. Ooh Mulberrygal, my interest is piqued at the mention of an Ostrich Bays. What colour was it and dare I ask, how much ...? Enjoy the rest of your holiday.